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Obama: Why Yes, I Am Happy to Drive Us Off the Fiscal Cliff

d0uglas Wrote: Oct 18, 2012 1:07 PM
define: going over "the fiscal cliff" , exactly.
Robert3086 Wrote: Oct 18, 2012 1:53 PM
Automatic federal spending cuts accross the board will take effect!
D G Wrote: Oct 18, 2012 1:40 PM
It is effective January 1, 2013 when tax cuts expire and taxes increase for ObamaCare and other taxes. About then is when the US Treasury is expected to exceed the current debt limit.
king10 - exposing leftism Wrote: Oct 18, 2012 1:10 PM
That's when your dollar is not accepted anywhere and where the peso has more value....

Would you loan money to dead beat?

According to the Washington Post and administration officials, President Obama is willing to take the country right off the fiscal cliff for short term political gain - with or without reelection.

Freed from the political and economic constraints that have tied his hands in the past, Obama is ready to play hardball with Republicans, who have so far successfully resisted a deal to tame the debt that includes higher taxes, Obama’s allies say.

In the days after the November election, the tables will be turned: Taxes are scheduled to rise dramatically in January for...