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What if Obama Defended American Business?

d0uglas Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 9:09 PM
A better “headline” would be: "What if 0bama followed thru on his promises he made to us voters & taxpayers? " . .[ as well as defended small biz.]
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Conservatism Is The New Punk Rock

d0uglas Wrote: Jul 27, 2014 8:36 AM
Not just “helicopter government”; it is authoritarian, bureaucratic, helicopter leviathan government--which is in dire need of fundamental reform.
If prez ner0bama had followed thru on his promise and did “protect us from all enemies foreign & domestic” , as stated in his executive oath, and secured the border then Gov Rick wouldn’t need to put any national guard solders on the border, and we wouldn’t be having this conversation, would we??
What if BUSH43 had reacted the same way 0bama has what would his harshest critics in the liberal elite media say about it?
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Obama the Problem Creator

d0uglas Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 7:44 AM
A problem-generating & crisis-compounding WH.
Then pass HR442; and keep passing bills that will politically tee-up HOUSE & Senate 0bama-crats to be repudiated in both chambers in November and get replaced by tea party conservatives .
0bama cares more about securing his legacy than securing our national sovereignty by undermining it by abandoning the southern border.
I agree with you on the principal you state Mike. I do favor "immigration reform". I favor have CONTROLLED immigration -- meaning "immigration that is controllable. We get to choose the "best & brightest" of Mexico, et al, from everywhere. What we have now is so extreme I call it cr-immigration/crim-invasion crisis that it is an existential threat to our sovereignty.
The department of defense relies on the pows grid as much as all residences & businesses do to maintain our national defense; if the grid is disables (GOD forbid) then so goes our defense, so that makes it as much a federal issue as a state issue, at least in theory, right?
What the IRS is REALLY losing is the trust & confidence of us taxpayers . . . and that is far more important than any emails "lost".
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