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How to establish credibility with media as a Whitehouse Press Secretary. 1. Transparent means the same as Opaque 2. Don't back down on Transparent being the same as Opaque
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Changing the Guard

D.A.6 Wrote: Jan 27, 2013 3:37 AM
Alcholic Hillary exists by appointment to her postion and doing as she is told. He conditon does not allow much in the way of statemanship or rational explations. Obfuscation, and confabulation ore provided in place of truth - normal alcohoic behaviour consistent with falling down and concussions and recollectins of sniper fire (in Bosnia) when none ever occurred. Typical unnacountable comments of an alcoholic. As for not reading Benghazi Cables from the most dangerous American posting in the world - The Alcoholic Hillary forgot to mention that her Email is intercepted by her trusted secretary and Islamist supporter Huma Abedin - Is there any betting money that John Carey will extend Abedin's appointment? How convenient.
No - Voter fraud for president is now over - it will no longer be needed. When the Illigals are granted Citizenship the 47% will become the 51% The Illegals will get Citizenship in a few years. It will come after the Republican Dominated Congress is blamed for economic woes by Obama and the Media. The Dems will retake congress because fear of Obama and fear of Republicans cancelling health care will compel voters to vote for Representatives viewed as friendly to Obama.
The end has justified the means - enjoy the time left because it is over. This is the last time voter fraud needed to be used. The illegals will be given citizenship/voting rights and this will preclude any need for future voting fraud. The new citizens will raise the 47% to be the 51% The RINO Rebublicans are incapable of being honest to themselves or their party and Democtrats can spot RINO'S a mile away. It is over for conservatism after it was Hi-Jacked and Liberalized by the Bush's. Obama's grip over Washington now holds Congress in fear. Even John Boehner is afraid of true Conservatives who might anger the President and so has ben removing such patriots from any appointmetns in Washington. It's over and we are in free fall.
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