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Responsible Citizens Celebrate Starbucks with Gun Appreciation Day

CynthiaSpeaks Wrote: Aug 10, 2013 7:15 AM
Yes he is the same guy. But here is another perspective: Howard Schulz also allows my daughter to wear her Christian tattoo in plain site on her arm. Most people don't fully understand the culture Howard Schulz has created at Starbucks. When Howard says he wants an all accepting culture, he means it. He does support EVERYONE, including OPEN Christians, a rarity in a secular company these days. I don't agree with him on the Gay issue and I wish it were different. However, my daughter has many opportunities to explain what her tattoo means to her while working at Starbucks.
If you need a Friday afternoon pick-me-up and support your right to carry a firearm, head over to Starbucks. The national coffee chain has a policy that respects gun laws in states around the country and today, Second Amendment advocates and those who refuse to be victims of violence are celebrating. If your state has concealed carry, so does Starbucks. If your state has open carry, so does Starbucks.

Starbucks seems an unlikely dueling ground in the national debate over guns, but the ubiquitous coffee chain Friday will once again find itself squarely in the cross hairs in the...
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