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I think you just insulted a box of rocks.
It helps to live in a small city. My post office leaves the windows open with a sign to use the other window unless there are several people standing in line, when they remove the sign and ask "next." They are friendly and if one goes on lunch, and yes they deserve a lunch break as much as you do, they call for another person to work that window. Of course, as I said, small town. One worker graduated HS with my son, the other is a friend, another lives just down the street. Or maybe it is my attitude too. I have been to larger cities around the country and have never found a nasty PO worker. Overworked? Yes. Someone who has just dealt with a particularly nasty person? Yes, often. But a smile, patience and a "how are you today" helps.
And why do we need more proof? Its been proven already and we know that Hamas stands for coward. I stand with Israel and I hope they wipe everyone of these terrorists off the earth. Heaven knows our president isn't going to do anything more than vacation or golf and whine when he isn't wished a Happy Birthday by the media.
Because they can't think up anything profound?
Well, the poor man's nose had grown so much that someone had to walk several feet in front of him so he wouldn't bump his nose. I think his future plans are a monastery somewhere to do penance for his lies.
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Does Obama Care About the Troops?

Cynthia197 Wrote: May 28, 2014 4:14 PM
Copying Bush? A President who honestly cares about our troops.
A religion of peace and love?
I only have one question and it comes from the header on this article - "might be?"
So, it's okay for Democrats/Liberals to tell a lie about keeping your insurance plan, your doctor and not have to document it, but someone who has a real story can't tell it? SHAME ON YOU GARY PETERS AND THE DEMOCRATS!
That sounds about right. Straight from an ethics investigation in Congress to a law firm in Philadelphia.
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