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Business Executives at White House: Save Us! Raise Their Taxes!

Cynthia197 Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 5:26 PM
I think it's time for the Republicans to allow Obama to ruin the economy and our lower class lives, kill jobs and allow the unions to run the country to show the koolaide drinkers just how bad their choice of Obama is. Maybe with that kind of proof we can get some people into high offices who really know what how to run government and make hard choices. I still don't understand how supposedly intelligent people can back Obama. Can they really not think or realize what the country is going to be like in the very near future? Select business leaders, in other words, those who have their money hidden in offshore accounts and higher taxes won't affect them, so, go ahead and raise taxes.
Marie150 Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 5:46 PM
You are talking about desolation and starvation and allowing someone like Napolean Bonaparte to come into power. How can that be good?

Don’t worry, folks. All is well.

Barack Obama “gets” it.

"The president gets it," says the chief executive officer and chairman of Honeywell, in a Reuters article.

“David Cote, chief executive and chairman of Honeywell,” says Reuters, “told reporters that Obama understood a combination of tax measures and reforms of social programs will be necessary to address the so-called fiscal cliff and beyond that, the deficit.”

I’m really glad that Obama met with business leaders to straighten out that pesky “tax” thing that the rest of us have been so confused about. I’m equally comforted that the major wire services...