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Oh, Good: Social Security to Run Out Even Sooner than We Thought

CynicsRus Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 6:56 PM
In order to fund Social Security and Medicare, you have to have workers paying into those systems. And, in order to have those workers, you have to have jobs for them to do. So, tell me Mr. President, how many jobs have you created to replace those you have destrroyed or scared businesses into not creating. Why don't you and Congress just admit that Government cannot create jobs and leave the private sector alone?

At this point it seems almost silly, quibbling about exact dates and amounts and whatnot, when it is already perfectly, completely, undeniably clear that we're on the fast track to an entitlement crisis the likes of which the free world has never seen. If the economy of a small country like Greece can go belly-up as a result of their welfare-heavy, socialist policies and cause such a massive headache in the eurozone, it's frightening to think of the chaos that will ensue when the planet's most productive nation financially implodes -- and if we don't steer clear of the path...