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And you are surprised at this why? As long as we keep electing petulant children, this will be the result.
Senators and Reps exempt themselve from the laws they pass. They then use those laws to prosecute the Mob et al. Nancy Pelosi and insider trading? Ring a bell?
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America's Budding Tyrants

CynicsRus Wrote: May 21, 2014 9:12 AM
Once again Walter, no one could say it better. Thank you. I just hope someome out there is listening.
Will Rogers-showing my age so look it up if you don't know- once said "all I know is what I read in the papers". I don't know of anyone in that era who hought he should be President. It would seem that we have progressed. The man's incompetent and narcissistic. Our real problem is that we have no idea who his handlers are. We have however been able to discern what they desire for the Country.
I would hope so, but I have to say that you have a lot more faith in today's youth than I do. The majority cannot carry on a conversation, keep their little heads in their little ipads and have shown no desire to engage in anything that requires them to get ther hands dirty. I hope they are watching and learning; but I'm not convinced.
So here's the difference that it makes. Hillary is banking on several things, including the notoriously short memory of the Amercian voter and the fact that the Press will forgive anything she does. She had an ad back during her 2008 campaign that asked who we wanted to answer the phone when it rang at 3:00 am - Hillary or Barack. My response after Benghazi has been neither of them. But no seems to have brought that ad up in connection with her actions and statements during that particular crisis. If she had answered the phone or responded, I think we can guess what she would have said or done. But, in light of the fact that she wants to lead the Country, I think we have a right to the facts. What difference does it make? More people died at Benghazi than during Watergate and Watergate forced a President's resignation and ruined more than few careers. God forbid the truth come out, she may be relegated to irrelevancy. We can only hope.
well he does teach creative writing SO I guess that gives him license to spew out whatever fantasy he dreams abut the night before. Honestly, I have no idea how educated people can see what is happening in the US and the world today and look at our Government and say "Right on". I am truly amazed at the continued ignorance.
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Carney: Obama Never Misled on Obamacare

CynicsRus Wrote: Apr 06, 2014 12:40 PM
And you will never see the MSM call Carney on this. It apparently has nothing to do with the Regulations formulated by Sebelius and her ilk that caused these plans-that they now gleefully call "dysfunctional"- to be cancelled. Obama lied, Carney lies-and the Press lets them. Glimpse into the future. How do you think the Press will treat Hillary when she finally declares? Other than MSNBC, who would hire this shill when his days of lying for Barack are over?
Thanks Delaware. I blame you for this every time I have to listen to his idiotic ramblings...
I know these so-called elected officials are probably just sacrificial lambs-but why are they all put on paid leave.? I know-innocent until proven guilty. But once they are convicted or plead out do they have to pay back the taxpayer funds they still glommed onto while awaiting trial? Oh-and what about their pensions? When they've spent their entire legislative career corrupt and are convicted, why do they still get their pension? If they have not done so already, every State needs to pass a law on this point.
I don't think it's dementia or amnesia or any other mental disorder. He's merely reading from the DNC Playbook. They all lie all the time and then all deny lying. Look at Obama. Every time he opens his mouth he lies. No one calls him-or them-on it. The low-info voter never hears about it from the MSM and never will hear about it. All they care about is free stuff and the Dems know it. We know about it because we actually read and do research. But we're not the ones that have to be convinced or won over. It's that other 47%-and they do exist. But as long as the MSM refuses to do the job they are supposed to do and sit there with little thrills running up their legs-nothing will change.
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