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You won't see much pushback until customers see the price of their daily Starbucks fix start to rise.
I think you need to re-evaluate your entire political philosophy. You don't mind negotiating with Terrorists? That is absolutely incorrect. It's not a question of conscience, it's a question of opening the flood gates and every American abroad is fair game. Not real sure about the first sentence of your next paragraph. That could be support of free speech but I can't tell.
So basically Obama continues with his mission to transform America into a third world country. Seems to be working pretty well. I still remain amazed that our wimps in DC continue to stand by and let this happen. The Left always says that it is the Right that deny science, but in the past several years it appears that more and more studies have appeared de-bunking this myth of Global Warming. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but it also seems to me that it's past time for the choir to start burning up the DC phone lines and find out what the Republicans intend to do do to stem this disaster-I mean besides ask us all for more money so they can be re-elected. Scream early and often.
Are you just starting to realize that every time this man opens his mouth he lies?
The real questions are how much will he get for his book deal and how much he will actually tell. We know that he is a consummate dissembler. My feeling is that after three years of lying and spinning for the administration, he almost has to come clean if he expects to ever get another job where he actually has to be honest and avoid having his integrity called into question. We'll see.
3 Faculty members out of how many present? Seems like a pretty small percentage to me. Advantage Phil.
I note that as I enter this, we have 292 comments. I'm surprised that anybody picked up on this black racist's tweets because I thought the MSNBC audience was fairly close to the comments entered re this article.
Easy for her to say and preach. When she came into "Office" as FLOTUS I seem to recall that she was more than slightly heavy. Naturally, she had a desk job, one by the way, that was so important that when she resigned, her position was not filled and the job was eliminated. Chicago. Gotta love that town. Now she is FLOTUS. Nothing else to do but diet, work out, and vacation on the public dollar. You look good Michelle. Keep it up.
I wait with bated breath for darling Hillary and those ever ready to pounce feminists to condemn this vile act. But, then again, I'm still waiting for them to admit that Bill Clinton was a rapist and a perjurer-a disbarred one at that. I guess I'll keep waiting.
And you are surprised at this why? As long as we keep electing petulant children, this will be the result.
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