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Ah, the beauty of unintended consequences. But really, were they? The smoking police were there to enforce the law. They go into stores and check tax stamps. Smoke a J? Nobody cares until the tax issue comes up, then watch how they go after their share and who it effects.. I said 20 years ago when this all started that at some point they'd be hunting us down with shotguns. You can't discriminate against anyone but smokers. We're easy prey. Second hand smoke? I seem to recall some issue about the studies being "forced" and not really scientific. Those disagreements died when scientists realized they could lose their grant money. Now the issue is so entrenched, the nannies are coming up with third hand smoke. Really? This is what it has come to. The police are now an arm of the tax collectors. Pay up or suffer the consequences. I feel sorry for the guy. Was it illegal? Yes. Did he need to be arrested? No. Just hand him a Summons. See you in court. I wonder how much tax the State and City of New York will have to collect to pay the civil judgment his family WILL win.
I am hearing complaints in Maryland as well. I am not surprised. I recommend outlawing computer and early voting and going back to the old voting machines. I just don't trust computers. I racked up 2012 to their hackers being better than ours and all early voting does is give them time to hone their skills.
This just gets better and better. Now we know for certain we can just continue the scenario where one lies and the other swears to it. Seriously, what do these people know about health care.? The word "quarantine" was obviously omitted from their vocabulary tests. They only know the political world and how to please the boss.
I guess the next thing that will come out is that she was part of the "Bimbo Eruptions" back in the 90s. After that I guess she met a certain NY governor... Maybe the press is actually starting to wake up when items like this actually make the news. Are we starting to question the Governor's decision making yet?
It's Illinois. Is the paper endorsing most likely to be indicted? Or, least likely? These days it's hard to tell, but we'll take what we can get.
Only if it has WiFi.
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Obama Saluted Marine With a Coffee Cup

CynicsRus Wrote: Sep 23, 2014 5:36 PM
You have to remember that the Narcissist in Chief doesn't care. He is the smartest man in the room. He despises the military. He thinks they are all beneath him. he would cut their budget to zero if he could. That being the case, do you really think he cares about making a proper salute?
The question I have is whether the idiots that were dumb enough to sign the petition were expressing their own opinions (doubtful) or were indoctrinated by their Professors. Has Walter Williams seen this? I have to believe he would weep for his University.
Hmmmm... Bloomberg opposes a Black Sheriff. Under his logic and that of most Dems-He must be a racist!
I'm glad the Dems have Nixon to pick on. It helps them forget things like: More people died at Chappaquidick than in Watergate More people died in "Fast and Furious" than Watergate. More people died in Benghazi than Watergate. Nixon only tired to use the IRS against his enemies. Obama succeeded. Many more people died in the VA waiting for Treatment than at Watergate. And the list goes on. But at this point, what difference does it really make? I'll tell you. The more we tolerate an administration that classifies their mis-steps or intentional acts as "phony scandals" and the Press lets them get away with it, the more freedoms we all lose. You may think it's wonderful for Obama to use his Pen and Phone and make the laws up as he goes, but what happens when he's out and someone else you abhor is in and he/she just follows up on the groundwork laid by this megalomaniac? Then what? You may think they're just coming for us now, but I can tell you, the time will come when no one who deviates from the party line will be safe. Do something unique-think about it.
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