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Policing America

CynicsRus Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 5:48 PM
The problem is they think it is the other way around. Our problem is disabusing them of this notion.
I really have to wonder how these people get hired. These are the type of panderers to the secular theology that are teaching your children. If you want to know what they are "learning" in these classes, I suggest you take a couple days off and monitor the classes. It's your money. Keep throwing it down a rat hole.
Just looking at a few of the comments makes me laugh. You have to remember that while we Republicans are stupid, Liberals are idiots. If you just give give them the time and rope, they will tell you exactly what they think and outline what they plan to do. The problem is todays press never holds them to account and the people's memory lasts about 15 minutes. Who does she think she is? American Royalty. Entitled. Far above you and me. How dare you take her words at face valus. That's not what she meant and even if she said it, at this point, what difference does it make. She's the next anointed one. Remember-and vote.
Sure and I also believe that 18 and 1/2 minutes of a tape recording can disappear. Wasn't attempted mis-use of the IRS part of the charges against Nixon?
I was at first struck by how dumb these people must think these kids are. Then I thought about it and since these are the ones who educate the little dears, they obviously know how dumb they are and have acted accordingly. Do they have after-school classes for parents on the proper use and application of Sun Screen?
They all take their cues from the top and know the MSM will never call them on it.
So the only sane person in that Arena was an alleged deserter and traitor to his country. Why am I not surprised the Left has adopted this position?
Shill, Shill. Shill. Shill. You have to really wonder how far these elected puppets will go to protect their Dear Leader. I can channel Hillary also. She had an ad in 2008 inquiring who you wanted to answer the phone when it rang at 3 in the morning-Hillary or Barack? At this point it does make a difference, because they have both answered the question. We now know the answer. Neither. The Republican committee on Benghazi should have had that ad available to show her during her testimony and see how she responded. Let's hope the Reps have it available when she decides to run in 2016.
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