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Carney: Obama Never Misled on Obamacare

CynicsRus Wrote: Apr 06, 2014 12:40 PM
And you will never see the MSM call Carney on this. It apparently has nothing to do with the Regulations formulated by Sebelius and her ilk that caused these plans-that they now gleefully call "dysfunctional"- to be cancelled. Obama lied, Carney lies-and the Press lets them. Glimpse into the future. How do you think the Press will treat Hillary when she finally declares? Other than MSNBC, who would hire this shill when his days of lying for Barack are over?
Thanks Delaware. I blame you for this every time I have to listen to his idiotic ramblings...
I know these so-called elected officials are probably just sacrificial lambs-but why are they all put on paid leave.? I know-innocent until proven guilty. But once they are convicted or plead out do they have to pay back the taxpayer funds they still glommed onto while awaiting trial? Oh-and what about their pensions? When they've spent their entire legislative career corrupt and are convicted, why do they still get their pension? If they have not done so already, every State needs to pass a law on this point.
I don't think it's dementia or amnesia or any other mental disorder. He's merely reading from the DNC Playbook. They all lie all the time and then all deny lying. Look at Obama. Every time he opens his mouth he lies. No one calls him-or them-on it. The low-info voter never hears about it from the MSM and never will hear about it. All they care about is free stuff and the Dems know it. We know about it because we actually read and do research. But we're not the ones that have to be convinced or won over. It's that other 47%-and they do exist. But as long as the MSM refuses to do the job they are supposed to do and sit there with little thrills running up their legs-nothing will change.
As Rush and Mar have said time and again, all you have to do is listen and these idiots are so full of themselves, they will tell you exactly how they want to enslave you and how they intend to go about it. For the low information voter-LISTEN!!! Anytime you hear ANY politician-Rep. or Dem. use the words"common sense", they are going to take your rights away. Vehemently oppose any legislation, program or regulation based upon common sense. It's usually just one more step toward serfdom and there is never anything contained in it that makes sense.
Why is FLOTUS and her little FCOTUS going to China on our dime? You know it had to be Political, she took her MOTHER!!!
I have to admit I'm a bit shocked. But Kudos to those brave 30 or 29. The article was unclear on that point and how the vote was phrased. If only the Legislature in Maryland had the similar resolve...
In our joy and elation at being proved right, let's not lose focus on the main issue. How can the White House change a law that Congress passed? What gives them the power to put off the effective date of anything? In your zeal to trumpet the correctness of your position on the ACA, if you ignore the actions of this President in ONCE AGAIN usurping the power of the Legislative Branch, then you are just moving the country one step closer to Tyranny. He does not have this power and we should not let him get away with it.
Sorry-"answer". For those liberals trying to read the comment.
Understand that there is no depth to which liberals will not stoop to advance their own interests. They lie and they have no shame. That should anwer a mulitude of questions.
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