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Obama's Tax Reform Flip-flop

CynicsRus Wrote: 26 mins ago (6:02 PM)
There is money out there and I need to spend it. Actually, I don't really need it to spend-18 Trillion Deficit?-I just don't want you to have it. BHO. Wake Up you dumb Dems.
"Coincidentally, that's about all most college degrees are good for these days." I think that about 12 years ago when U. S. News was still in print they had an article that asserted that college degrees then were equivalent to a High School degree 30 years before. For liberals that would be around 1983. Knowing some college graduates then and more now, I can't disagree. And that is truly scary. One of the problems I see-and I consider it major-is the inability to carry on a conversation and put rational thought into a coherent sentence. But what the hell, let's throw more money at the problem and feel good about what we've done and how we've advanced society.
True colors come shining through. I believe the gentleman in the White House once said that all energy possibilities were on the table. Once again another lie. This man worships at the Enviro altar.
Check the New York Post on Real Clear Politics. They came up with 16. And did so rather easly I might add.
Took my comment. The elitists are never divisive in their rhetoric. Just ask them.
Bernie-you are surrounded by way to many sychophants. I'm not sure who is giving you advice, but make sure it's not the RNC. You have your little niche up in your State. For the sake of us all and my sanity-stay there.
You get who and what you vote for. Good Luck, NYC. I think it'll be a long four years.
This reminds me of the Dan Rather story on the forged documents relating to W.'s National Guard service. Even after the documents were proved to be falsisifed, Rather continued to implore that the charges were of such import that the allegations should be investigated. So, even if charges are false, the MSM has to look at them as if they are true and act accordingly. At the time, the press started out all gung-ho. Duke University? Another example. Tawana Brawley? An early example. And did Rev. Al ever pay that judgment the DA got against him? It must be wonderful to be able to take manufactured data and run with it. So what if reputations are ruined by haste and mistake. What's a little collateral damage? We got the story out and we feel good about it.
Ah, the beauty of unintended consequences. But really, were they? The smoking police were there to enforce the law. They go into stores and check tax stamps. Smoke a J? Nobody cares until the tax issue comes up, then watch how they go after their share and who it effects.. I said 20 years ago when this all started that at some point they'd be hunting us down with shotguns. You can't discriminate against anyone but smokers. We're easy prey. Second hand smoke? I seem to recall some issue about the studies being "forced" and not really scientific. Those disagreements died when scientists realized they could lose their grant money. Now the issue is so entrenched, the nannies are coming up with third hand smoke. Really? This is what it has come to. The police are now an arm of the tax collectors. Pay up or suffer the consequences. I feel sorry for the guy. Was it illegal? Yes. Did he need to be arrested? No. Just hand him a Summons. See you in court. I wonder how much tax the State and City of New York will have to collect to pay the civil judgment his family WILL win.
I am hearing complaints in Maryland as well. I am not surprised. I recommend outlawing computer and early voting and going back to the old voting machines. I just don't trust computers. I racked up 2012 to their hackers being better than ours and all early voting does is give them time to hone their skills.
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