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Why do I have the feeling that you think all teachers everywhere have the same salaries/benefits/mandatory union membership/right to strike/etc. that the Chicago teachers have?
Nope, I don't expect things to change. Not really. I do expect conservative posters to use common sense instead of regurgitating talking points that they've heard from their favorite talking head and realize that the Davis Guggenheims of the world (Waiting for Superman) don't have their best interests at heart. Somewhere along the way we all got snookered, and unfortunately it's taking most of us too long to realize that.
It has little to do with being a product of the public school system, intelligence, or learned brain deadness. You could "fix" schools today and the problem would persist tomorrow because schools are just a part of the culture at large, and it is the effects of our culture that everyone is really railing against, though no one really wants to do anything that would fix that. The 60s stand as a glaring line of demarcation.
Shouldn't you credit Kevlar? Most of the post is his...
Why do we Conservatives: 1. Use the situations in a few ultra blue districts to paint public schools as a whole? 2. Use the salaries/benefits of teachers in a few ultra blue, highly populated cities as the example of average teacher salaries everywhere? 3. Pretend that Michelle Rhee is a Conservative champion when she is a Progressive doing the work of Progressives? 4. Pretend that Obama's Ed. policies are any different than the ones espoused by Rhee, et al? 5. Ignore one of the real problems in Education, namely Curriculum (as an example, Florida textbooks, from Math to Reading, are rife with leftist eviro-propoganda despite the fact that Republicans have held the House, Senate, and Governor's mansion since 1998)?
"'When they are paid so much they can afford the premium cost of sending their kids to the best specialists in their own field they are being paid too much." There are a whole lot of doctors, lawyers, etc. that are being paid too much then.
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