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"CBO says in long-term "large & growing federal debt could have serious negative consequences, inc. restraining economic growth..." - Philip Klein Ya think?
I bet he believes in ghosts and the paranormal
If they continue???????? Just how much is enough? At what point do we all say enough is enough? Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Once more? If anyone is still voting for an incumbent gope demonrat lite then you are all out of your America loving minds.
That would just make the slimy b@st@rd a martyr. Nope, he needs to be arrested, tried, convicted for high crimes against the United States of America and than summarily shot.
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DeBlasio Punishes 1% in NYC Snow Storm

Cyd2293 Wrote: Jan 22, 2014 7:31 AM
So what! NYC you voted for the guy you get what you deserve. Elections do have consequences. Now if most of you drop dead or get fired, well, that is the price you must pay for your stupidity
there's your sign!
No doubt a public servant. Possible a NEA Union member. There is no public school worth sending you little bundles of joy to for socialist indoctrination. Those that continue to do only contribute to the destruction of the family unit and America. But what the heck, its more important for mom and dad to have the 2 beamers, the boat, the mcmansion, jewels, clothes, iphones, xboxes, and all the trappings of the modern world. Who cares if to get all that they have to sacrifice their children?
There will be some exceptions to the statement I am making, maybe a few, not too many. It seems, at least for the progressive part of America, that they all raise their daughters to be flukes and and whooores. They teach their women that it is okay for them to make themselves available to any and all men, as many as they wish. And if said woman may accidentally become pregnant? Well, there is always abortion to rid themselves of the unwelcome result of the woman's lack of decency, self respect, and personal dignity. After all, what are women to a progressive? Nothing but a receptacle for the progressive man. A progressive wife or daughter is nothing more than a piece of property, something to be used and abused by any and all progressive men. Heck, may as well say all men because it matters not to them who abuses their women. And the women go along with the game thinking they are the intelligent one's and are in control. Truly dumbmass these women are. War on Women? HA! The only war on women is the one they and their progressive masters wage against them. So the seemingly intelligent progressive woman/daughter is little more than camel dung to their progressive masters and decent society.
ReddestNeck Wrote: 59 minutes ago (9:00 PM) And that is a squarely irredentist point of view (I have so long wanted to use that word, and now I have). It mocks God and mocks the work of God. You have a nerve talking about God and not giving Him full glory. You had better hope your judgment is wrong because if not, God will have no more mercy on you either because God is fair and a respecter of no person. -------- Sir - I already know I will be spending eternity in hell for the things I have done in my life. So that idle threat from you does not faze me one bit. I accept my punishment as that is what one does. You take responsibility for your actions good or bad in life and you accept the repercussions of those actions, good or bad. Maybe God will have mercy on my soul, but that is up to God not me. And remember God will judge us all and many will be found wanting. Even those who think they should not. And to help you better understand the term "Wanting" - "Without" - You figure out what I mean as you obviously have no clue to the meaning of the phrase I chose. To finish - It is up to God to forgive the liberal scuzz. As for me I say to the gallows with the lot of them.
correction - If she is sincere than it is up to God to judge her. As for me I have already judged her and she has been found wanting.
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