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"To extort and Terrorize."
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Supreme Court halts Missouri execution

Cyd2293 Wrote: May 22, 2014 7:09 AM
Abortion is Legal Homicide. Maybe the leftist hags the progressive metro-sexual thong wearing men could direct the tiniest fraction of their so called caring to the 50 million or so babies that have been murdered since Roe v. Wade
Pablo my little brown friend you are a fool. Best check your facts you illegal piece of camel dung. More troops have died in Afghanistan and Iraq since your lord and savior Maobama has come into power then died in 8 years under Bush. You sniveling lying coward.
Beauty was a requirement. Brains??? ehhh..... Not so Much!
"How about all you folks saying; "Great ad"... "I'd vote for the guy if I could"... Put your money where your mouth is and donate 5,10,20 dollars to Cottons campaign. Surely saving America is worth five or ten of your hard earned dollars.
Gays are to be shunned form decent society. Their lifestyle is a perversion. The are sick and demented creatures who, in the past, would have been left to die a slow agonizing death as they are good for nothing and were not a benefit to propagating the human race.They don't reproduce so what good are they to society. Their is a reason animals eat their young and gays are a perfect example of something unfit to live.
Did she vote for Obowmao? If she did all I can say is - You lose! Callous? Heartless? Soulless? Yes, but I didn't vote for Obummer nor any of those who have strangled this country with their version of Utopia. Those that did and the rest of us are all going to suffer much before this is all over. For those that voted for Orimjob all I can say is I hate it for you. Now hurry up and die useful idiots. That is all you were in the first place. You were all too stupid to understand that one simple fact.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Kerry Heinz - What a MAROON! The post child for the leftist movement.
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