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You're a fake marine -- to think anyone would be stupid enough to put a gun in your hands is scary. BOY.
Better leave now. Avoid the rush.
LOL! and you guys actually wonder 'why mitt lost.' Morons.
'Boy?" Listen, phony Marine who pretended he served, go burn a cross -- you'll feel better.
LOL. More losers. Didn't you get it? Your party's finished. Obama even took the south Florida Cuban vote --ah, that's your boy Rubio's peeps. Idiot. Learn how to read election results.
Go now, avoid the rush. Traitorous scum.
Yes, you just keep living in the world that Fox, Beck, Rush and all the other created for you. You know, the one that said Mittens would win in a landslide and that rape is an act of God and that Rasmussan was accurate. You can thank them for your defeat.
No, what we have is un-american scum like you who can't handle democracy in action. That makes you a traitor.
Guess what? We won and you didn't. He's not your president? Awwwww, too bad baby. Go cry in a red state. Better yet, off yourself so you don't have to be around for the next 4 years.
Carol, a Commie is someone who refuses to leave office once he's been unseated. It's called a dictator. That means u support a Commie, you un-american, traitorous ugly old woman.
I find you analysis asinine, but your misery is immensely enjoyable.
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