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Hey, it's phony marine Gomer Pyle. Atenn-shun!
West is a treasonous traitorous pig. I'll love it when he's sent to prison and has to share a cell w/ Miss carlos.
Carlos, it's okay. You can come out of the closet now. Biggest queen on TH, without a doubt.
What a Commie! Lose an election and refuse to leave -- just like a dictator. Treasonous pig.
I'm right here dido. Would love to wipe the floor w/ a treasonous traitorous POS like u.
Go. Take your mentally unbalanced offspring with you. Go somewhere where you'd be comfortable --say Syria or Iran.
And you stumbling, brain-dead morons wonder why mitt lost...
Nothing more 'Marxian' than an azzzwipe who loses an election and refuses to leave office -- kinda like a Commie dictator.
Hey! You sound like a tea-party candidate --except w/ more intelligence.
Election's over. Your side lost. You don't like the result, get the hell out.
You're a fake marine -- to think anyone would be stupid enough to put a gun in your hands is scary. BOY.
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