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What is the Future of Conservatism?

cwms Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 11:36 AM
Usually I ignore the times as just another liberal rag esposing the lefts' talking points. Conservatives are not the ones in trouble, the country is in trouble. Yes the future looks bleak and will probably get worse before it gets better. Conservatives, true conservatives just need to stay true to their conscience and not compromise their morals or ideals.

I DON'T FALL IN LOVE with politicians – the last presidential candidate I voted for with ardor was Ronald Reagan in 1980 – and my heart doesn't break when those I support don't win. Nor am I a party loyalist. As a conservative I vote for Republicans more often than not; for those of us committed to free enterprise, limited government, military strength, and a healthy civil society, there is usually no better option. But the Republican Party isn't the conservative movement. And a GOP defeat doesn't mean conservatism – or the GOP, for that matter – is in crisis.