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Despite Obama Carpet Bombing Romney Still Tops

cwilson482 Wrote: Jul 25, 2012 10:35 AM
Amen to that. The military hate this guy. He's gutted their funding making it abhorantly tough to do their jobs. They can't wait to get him out of the White House and move on to a pres. who isn't a military hater. I don't care how much Moochelle crows about military families, it's all an act.

In times like this, a good day for Barack Obama is anytime the dominant topic of discussion is anything but the economy.   But, make no mistake about it; November's election is still going to be a referendum on the President's failed economic policies.

With the economy overwhelmingly the dominant issue in the election, there is growing bad news for the President.  By more than 2:1, 63% to 29%, voters now believe Mitt Romney would be better at managing the economy than President Obama, according to a new USA TODAY/Gallup poll.   

For the first time Mitt Romney has topped...

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