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and while you may not have originated stupidity, you certainly have mastered it.
Complete lack of education. Utterly swallowing the political theater and sleight of hand that is fed them everyday. No understanding of policies, economics, rule of law, or the most rudimentary understanding of our Constitutionally based Republic. Based on the quality of the comments here, I would say this forum is an excellent example of the above.
Yeah! And now that it is so much worse, the current guy in charge shouldn't be held accountable! So many brilliant minds on this forum. I am truly amazed.
You can't be serious. So I am going to assume you aren't.
Based on what I am seeing here, you guys feel that because there were other bad presidents that accumulated debt and did other bad things, this guy should be exonerated of his responsibility in furthering the destruction of our Republic. Right? The other guys were bad guys too, so this guy shouldn't be held accountable? Pathetic.
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