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While I admit the Electoral College does seem like a collage at times, possibly we could do some proof reading before hitting that "Post" button.
Pretty sure teachers are the responsibility of state and local governments, it's about time for Washington to stop this intrusive mindset that has many people believing that only the feds can do anything.
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A Libya Timeline Refresher

cwcal Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 1:05 PM
"A Libya Timeline Refresher" September 11th. There's your timeline. Not sure why anyone would need refreshing on it.
If you make these folks mad they are going to pack their stuff up and go home. In their Lincoln Navigator.
He said mammograms because he couldn't bring himself to say "abortions".
He sees it as acceptable that singers and movie stars are on top of their game but when it comes to a job like President of The United States, that person can slack off on occasion. Telling.
FACT-DOW, NASDAQ and S&P are just the stock exchange, not manufacturing FACT-We continued losing jobs long after Obama took office, the jobs coming back are lower paid FACT-Even the Democrats haven't backed Obama's "jobs" bills FACT-The GOP has promised to repel Obama Care, but Obama Care has NEVER been shown to reduce 25% of the deficit. FACT-Romney may well pay a lower rate but no doubt pays more dollars, many times more dollars, in taxes than you do FACT-Romney is holding his own by all balanced polls in swing states FACT-Romney had no say in the auto bailout as he was in no position to vote either for or against it
And the problem with a safe world that allows democracy to flourish is...?
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