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So the crooks by-pass those houses and rob the unarmed neighbor. Used to be newspapers employed people with brains.
And that film is purely fiction, nothing like it ever happened, not even remotely. It will probably have him riding a unicorn and using a rainbow for a hat, would be just as realistic. Nice to see you like the idea of seeing white folks getting killed, at least you aren't a hater.
Mr. Obama believes in Jesus. Do you think he fell for a "lie"?
Republicans freed Iraq of Sadam and you complain. Republicans expanded medicare and you complain. Republicans create programs for renewable energy and you complain. Republicans spend money on children's education and you complain. Republicans encourage faith based initiatives and you complain. Looks like Republicans are trying to do things and you just complain.
"...part immigrant background..." So Matthews is a birther.
Harvard lied about Obama too, they said he was from Kenya while he was going to school there. But it's Harvard what do they know right? Just a bunch of uneducated dolts.
I asked a Democrat if he ever had an original thought. He said "No"
She's lucky the cop didn't mistake her for a "working girl" and run her in.
Compared to how many dead in Vietnam?
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Actual Obama Ad: "Your First Time"

cwcal Wrote: Oct 26, 2012 3:03 PM
I bet Daddy is proud of his little girl.
While I admit the Electoral College does seem like a collage at times, possibly we could do some proof reading before hitting that "Post" button.
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