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The theater will be full of white liberals desperate to prove how open-minded they are.
I have no expectation of liberals ever demonstrating loyalty to their own country; therefore, I am never disappointed.
>>”...this is a gotcha video only to the right-wing media.” It’s true. Leftists are not concerned with their own hypocrisies or the hypocrisies of those they hold up on pedestals, like Damon or Obama. Habitual hypocrisy is a sign of dishonestly & occurs when people hide their true motives. Leftists like Damon & Obama pretend to be champions for the environment because they think it makes them look cool and that gratifies their egos. But their true nature is revealed by their actions – their jet-setting, fuel-guzzling lifestyles and their inexplicable lack of concern about where the funding comes from for their pet projects. As with this poster, look to their actions, not their words.
Since when is contraception only for the benefit of women?
BTW, myLOINS, didn't your mommy ever tell you that if you must resort to dishonesty there's a problem with your argument? Just sayin....
You can read the truth here:
On behalf of all Texans, the feeling is mutual. Thanks for such a great demonstration of the evils of the liberal mind. Where did FEMA & Obama get the money they dole out to the states for emergency assistance, genius? Did it grow on the gov’t money tree? Maybe Obama found it under Lincoln’s mattress, eh? The money TX is “begging” for is THEIR OWN money that they are forced to pay in at the behest of liberal policies, only to be disparaged by loons like you when they have an emergency and have to “request” some of it back. TX & every other state should stop paying extortion to the fed gov’t & should simply keep their money. Then it would be libs like YOU (probably from CA) begging us for help.
...that Texas’ 2012-13 budget not include any spending from the state’s Rainy Day Fund, which currently has an estimated balance of $6.5 billion.”
Typical lying leftist doofus. The “draconian cut” you refer to happened when TX restored the firefighting budget to normal levels after giving a one-time increase to fund special capital expenditures in 2010/2011. You can read the truth here: Perry spokesman: “The Texas legislature traditionally makes supplemental appropriations to provide additional funding to cover unexpected costs related to disasters, including wildfires. This year, the legislature approved $121 million in supplemental spending of this sort. The threat of unpredictable natural disasters including as wildfires is precisely why Gov. Perry insisted...
Liberals equate giving people the RIGHT TO WORK with fascism. Is there any greater evidence of how disturbed these people are?
Exactly. Who called in to Monday Night Football and begged to hear Bob Costas opine on gun violence? Since when does being a sports announcer endow you with such wisdom that you presume to lecture the world on other topics whether they ask you to or not? The Costas rant was a prime example of liberal arrogance on display.
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