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We Should “Reform” Payroll Taxes, but only if that Means Personal Retirement Accounts

cvrahnos Wrote: Jan 03, 2013 12:43 PM
Well the way I see it we must look back in history to understand what went wrong with the s.s.system.When the government addiltional money it would raid the collected for retirement purpouses.It was never payed back.Now it is time to pay the piper and there isn't enough to go around.So the money starts to come in from elsewhere to keep it going to the point where it now.Now I do belive that there needs to be some reform done that will make it a tad more solvant.First have an income cap on those about to retire.If they have a retirement program that would take care of them with enough money they wouldn't qualify for benifits.Then titen up the rules so the more able body people wont qualify.("mental"illness).

Washington is filled with debate and discussion about the economic burden of the federal income tax, which collected $1.13 trillion in FY2012 ($1.37 trillion if you include the corporate income tax).

Yet politicians rarely consider the economic impact of payroll taxes, even though these levies totaled $.85 trillion during the same fiscal year.

Yes, we had a gimmicky payroll tax holiday for the past few years. And it’s true that Obama has signaled that he wants to