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Should have ask "what do you mean by progress?"That is what I wonder about.I what direction does he see the country going in as for progress?
How about just get rid of the income tax and the I.R.S.all together.Then impose a national sales tax instead like some of the states do.Just tax at the reteil leavel,have the states collect it up and send the amount to the federal government every month.Just excempt food and medical costs from it and it would work.Every one young and old,rich and poor would have to pay it.With this kind of tax there would be money on the paychecks,busisness would grow and expand and add more workers to the payroll.The more folks that have jobs will be folks spending money on all sort of stuff.Also those who have more money would pay more in taxes as well because they would be buying more ans more expencive stuff as well.
Well reforms will have to happen if we want S.S. to keep going.First I would look at the retired saving and investment earnings and put an cap on the level of money one can recive from S.S.if any.I do know people that get in retirement benifits $32,000 per year in retirement before S.S.Add the S.S. payment to that and they get $40,000 plus in income..I for one love to have that kind of income during my working years.So by dropping those that have a good retirement income anyway could go a long ways for S.S. to keep going.Looking at those who are disabled is an another thing that could be looked at for cost cutting.To many are claiming dissablity for minor mental problems and fake injureys that "have them dissabled".There are many that can be retrained and be good prodictive workers.So there is another thing that can be done.Another idea I have is an oppting out plan.This would require a person to invest into his or her retirment plan and pay what ever in income taxes on it till they reach an certain age like 65 years old then cap what they can have for an income and pay no taxes on it as long as it's below the threshold amount for income.Those who are in a union plan would not be able to get S.S. bennies ether.
Wile I agree that there is fraud in the s.s system we do have to remember that there are those of us that truly have a disablity and cannot work in a gainfully way.I am 57 years old and on s.s.d.and I for one am glad it's there for I would all but starve if it wasn't there.I do know some that should not be on it for their problems can be deilt with in a work enviroment.The one aera I would look very closely at is mental issues that people clame on to get it and do.Their past has to be looked into and if the problem was caused by drugs then I wouldn't grant them a thing and they would have to go into a in house drug reblition program instead.That would get many off the s.s.i and s.s.d.
Some good points John.I have said that unions have outlived their usefulness for a rather long time.They are part of the reason why we have no real jobs in this country where it takes men with the bark on to get done.Now it's may I help you please?kind of work out there.Gone are the timber jobs,the foundry jobs,and the manifactureing jobs as well.Jobs that took real tough men to do.I feel that I'm the last of that crowd left and at 57 I had to retire cause of no blue collar work out there.What a sweet deal eh?
Good stuff John .I was chuckling all the way through the article.Problem is some think that is the way it is with Obama and I believe it too.He is one arrogant s.o.b.
The law as I understand it is the person running for preas.has to be a natural native born American born on U.S.soil.He could have both parents as americans but it won't matter seeing he was born outside of our country.
Y ep what a poster child Detroit for the unions and the liberals.Oh it will look so good for their policys and the way they run things.They have done such a great job with with the city it should be shown and told by every one.Yep it will be so good when it becomes a goest town for good.
Well you all may find this hard to believe but the state of Washing is worse than Calf. when it comes to "saving the enviorment"When it comes down to indrustry,the liberal econ.folks here can't be beat for stifiling it.They have almost shut down the logging indrustry ,Steel production,lumber prouduction,and even some green energy progects as well.So we haven't had a recovery since clinton was in office.And people wonder why there is no jobs here in Washington.
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Minimum Wage, Maximum Foolishness

cvrahnos Wrote: Mar 09, 2013 1:08 AM
Here in the state of Washington,several years ago,by the vote of the people,passed a new minimum wage law.It raised it up one time and it is tied into the cost of living index so it can be adjusted when needed for the worker.Now when it was first enacted there was an out cry from all those company's that employed people at minimum wage that said all kinds of gloom and doom things.Well they didn't lose to many coustomers cause the price of their products went up to cover the new cost of labor.They did have to do their buisiness differnt though,They started hiring better qualifide people that would work harder and also who really wanted to work.So yes we have to pay more for that "big mac" but not that much more than other places.
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