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Rubbing Our Noses in His Victory and Radicalism

CVN65 Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 8:14 AM
So that is all you have? Name calling? Nothing to rebut a single item? How typical? Alinsky has taught you well. hahahahahahaha
Hey, folks, remember the good old days when candidate Barack Obama at least pretended to be bipartisan and conciliatory? Now it's as if he's on a mission to prove he was faking it.

Obama is behaving like a bitter ex-spouse who knows all our hot buttons and delights in pushing them. He is governing by crisis, fear, alienation, cronyism and anti-constitutional fiat. He is openly flaunting his militant radicalism, as if he's trying to provoke us -- and his second term hasn't even begun.

He is horrifying all Americans who have the slightest concern about our deficits and debt, refusing to address them,...