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Three Cords And The Truth

CVN65 Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 1:01 PM
Crazy. Either you know the stuff or you do not. Staring at a question for two minutes won't make the correct answer pop off of the page. If you don't look at the question and know the answer immediately then you're guessing. Make your best guess and move on. There are very few people with slow reading and processing skills that need this extra time. I can't see how the others' would even benefit from more time to agonize over the questions which they cannot answer. Then again, I have always been the first person out of a test because I don't perseverate or second-guess.
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Gun Control and Mass Shootings

CVN65 Wrote: May 30, 2014 9:41 AM
"Gun crimes"? How about the number of crimes, total? Robberies, rapes, murders, the whole ball of yarn? It matters not to the victim or their family if he was shot, stabbed, strangled or bludgeoned to death with a shovel. It only matters to statist, totalitarian leftists when they can make vacuous claims about "gun crimes". Eliminating my right to carry a gun eliminates my ability to stop a 6'4" criminal with a knife or billyclub when he is intent on killing me and raping my wife. Stop giving ridiculous non-facts that mean nothing to anyone save the weak-minded. Concealed carry laws result in less crime; you won't ever admit this so you cling bitterly to some fatuous notion, hoping to sway the gullible. I can think of a very good reason you call yourself "SFR".
That stinks. My club has a 600-yard range and you can shoot anything.
Mike seems to have just about everything by now although he appears to gravitate towards the larger caliber handguns. I can see him strapping a .44 Redhawk to his side. Sorry. I hit the wrong button and flagged you in error.
Unless they come chambered in .45 these guys don't want to hear from you. It's funny, once a guy goes to a 1911 it is as though there is nothing else in the world. I carry a Springfield XD9 and absolutely love it. Looking to purchase a Kimber or two so I might change my tune after that.
Hallelujah. Agreed. Most emphatically.
Schaus needs to eat at home and save money so he can purchase a Kimber 1911. Pricey, yes, but exceptionally well-made here in the USA.
Good work, comrade. What the unknown billionaire does with HIS money is a concern to none of us. Not a single person goes into business to provide jobs for others- they hire people because business is good and those people will help them make more money. "PhD"= piled higher and deeper. We're all certain that the people that maintain the place love the jobs. Perhaps if it was torn down and a vacant lot occupied the space it would be an improvement?
Frequent closed-head injuries?
I like the firing squad idea. I'd volunteer and even bring my own equipment. If I had any guns, that is. But I don't. I've never had any. And if I had had any they were stolen.
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