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Americans Still Believe In Our Unique Destiny

CVN65 Wrote: Oct 08, 2012 8:46 AM
As well you should be. It is a shame that the Second American Revolution failed. It is not a shame that it forced the end of chattel slavery, however.

SHARPSBURG, Md.- Just past dawn on a brisk September morning, a couple in their 30s walked along the sunken road known as “Bloody Lane” with a toddler sleeping soundly in her stroller and a newborn snuggled against his father.

“Just think about this — we’re standing here at the exact moment the battle began,” the husband said as his wife nodded, smiled and reached down to hug her sleeping daughter. Both parents then sat in the grass along the crushed-limestone lane.

They were among thousands who converged before sunrise on this small Maryland town for the 150th anniversary...

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