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Surprising: Ann Romney would be first Pro-Life First Lady since Roe v. Wade

cvacd5 Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 5:09 PM
You bring 1 poll that didn't even make the top 23 polls of 2008: I can do that Romney 54% Obama 43% PEW was #1 in accuracy, right now has Romney 49% Obama 45% Rasmussen came in 2nd, right now has Romney 49% Obama 47% Been that way for a while, it is ok to let him go
Last week, Ann Romney proudly told the ladies of The View she is pro-life. What some may not know, is that she would be the first First Lady in the White House to defend the life of the unborn since the 1973 court decision of Roe v. Wade made abortion legal.

Pat Nixon declared herself pro-choice after the 1973 court case Roe v. Wade, making her the first First Lady to do so. Prior to the court decision, her views on abortion were a bit more mixed. In 1972 she stated, “I'm really not for abortion. I think...