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You bring 1 poll that didn't even make the top 23 polls of 2008: http://www.fordham.edu/images/academics/graduate_schools/gsas/elections_and_campaign_/poll%20accuracy%20in%20the%202008%20presidential%20election.pdf I can do that http://unskewedpolls.com/dailytrackingpoll.cfm Romney 54% Obama 43% PEW was #1 in accuracy, right now has Romney 49% Obama 45% Rasmussen came in 2nd, right now has Romney 49% Obama 47% Been that way for a while, it is ok to let him go
I don't understand: the dems want us to share our money with the less fortunate, pay for their food, home, cell phones because they can't & don't want to do it for themselves. I understand some may not be able to, I have no problem helping them out in life. When it comes to abortion shouldn't we be thinking the same way? There are a lot of women out there that cannot have children due to some issue they may have, why can a 17 year old girl or 30 year old woman decide to end the life of an unborn child as many times as she wants with no consequences? I mean, if I drive my friend to his house and he goes in and does something bad I may end up going to jail. Why do women not go to jail? Why not give that child to someone? Fair Share No?
yeah ok, why because the 1st and 2nd debate didn't do that? Too late, doesn't matter what POTUS does, he still let AMERICANS die on his watch while he went back to sleep. Why don't you tell the parents of the dead that POTUS is great at foreign policy. I am sure they will differ from your opinion.
He has a plan but you are too simple minded to hear or see it. What exactly has Obama come out with for his policies over the next four years? Forward? That's it? That is not policy, that is nothing. Tell me one thing that has come out of his mouth that he has said he will do and what the policy is? You can't, I have asked many zombies this question and no one has yet to answer it. Romney- energy independence = drill here, cut the budget- quit spending on waste, close loopholes in tax, create more jobs by doing things here like oil, gas, coal, production. Obama- nothing but hot air
Have you ever heard of a modern day black conservative complain about facing racism issues while climbing to the top? Let's ask Connie Rice, Mia Love, Mr. Cain, Col. West, need more? It exists today because people like you want it to exist. Without it you have no power to get votes. Lets look at who freed the slaves and was pro civil rights movement, was not Democrats, it was Republicans! End of slavery, all but 2 democrats voted against it. Quit keeping people down, everyone has a ladder to climb in life, it is up to them to climb it, sure some may run into libtards on the way telling us we need to understand our place and it is because of how society is, but those are the ones that need to be stepped on to skip that step.
Yes and yes! Dept of EDU needs to be handled at State level and EPA is a bloated pig that just gets in the way for whatever lobbyist is filling the POTUS pocket.
How does Obama care about the unemployed? Creating more of them and having programs that keep them unemployed? Great plan, Romney has done more in his lifetime to create jobs than the POTUS has.
In any state that has oil, coal, natural gas, military production, schools, hospitals.
Just like they said all along, the way of the increase is to not let the defense cuts happen. Instead of cutting the trillion out, leave it alone. Most are getting confused because they are calling it an increase, it is not an increase, it is just removing the cut that is in place for the $ already being spent. How is that an increase if you already have the allocation there?
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