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I'll take Rand over all the others listed as possible candidates, he more than the others wants to cut the crazy spending according to what I've heard and read, and Rubio isn't a natural born citizen.
Real conservatives need to take the gloves off, call out liberals for what they are: money stealing, vote buying, debt creaters, baby killers, pole smokers.
We need to get rid of these rinos, they only damage the republican party, they are the people in D.C. who are bi-partisan, they just want to liked by everyone, but to do his job according the oath he took he needs to say NO a lot more often to his liberal friends, and if he can't or doesn't want to, he needs to be kicked out of the party. It's time to get tough with rinos so voters are not suckered into voting for rinos.
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Unsung Black People

CutSpending Wrote: Jul 25, 2013 12:52 PM
This response shows what is wrong with educated people in the U.S. To many inteligent people have no wisdom, which makes them fools. Welfare destroyed black famlies and white families, it just destroyed a greater percentage of black famlies. The family destruction leads to higher incidence of drug use aand crime, the stastics are mathmatical facts of poor decisions that unfortunately are the product of the environment that has been created by people that just don't understand the law of unintended consequences. A friend of mine quit the LAPD after one year because the majority of blacks and hispanics would not testify, therefore he was constantly arresting the same people over and over.
Every AutoZone employee should walkout until this hero is rehired and company policy on guns is changed, management would cave in days.
I personally know people how pushed the button for Romney and yet Obama registered on their screen. How many people really paid attention to what appeared on their screen after they pushed the button? We need to go back to paper ballots cast only on election day by people who show a valid drivers license and voter registration card. Also, anyone on any type of welfare should forfeit their right to vote so politicans can't buy their votes with taxpayer money.
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The Message Romney Missed

CutSpending Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 10:19 AM
U.S. debt is 100 pct from welfare, which was used by the democrats to buy votes.
When you libs bankrupt our country what wil you do then? Hope you're packing the day our currency is no longer the reserve currency of the world.
MA once again shows they have the most sheep who are easily rounded up by lies from their herders.
Really, a war with Russia. I don't know what your drinking, I hope its not in my water.
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