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Rooting for Traffic Jams

Curtis108 Wrote: Apr 26, 2013 6:51 AM
By the way, is the author a Principle Analyst or a Principal Analyst?

The INRIX measure of global traffic congestion has released its latest update, and only three nations actually enjoyed an increase.  You might wonder why I would say "enjoy" when most of us despise sitting in traffic.  In fact, according to a poll in January traffic jams barely edged out cockroaches in a survey of things more hated than Congress-both beat out our elected representatives on the hill.  For the record Congress was more popular than Lindsay Lohan, Communism, Ebola, Fidel Castro, Gonorrhea, John Edwards, the Kardashians, Lobbyists, Meth Labs, and North Korea.

I also say "enjoy" because increases in...