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Rich Lefties and Their Taxes

Curtis104 Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 12:17 PM
More taxes, more taxes= more spending, even more spending! Why the H--- do any of the idiot liberals think that Obummer wants to have control over being able to raise the debt ceiling? The people of this country are stupid, stupid to have re-elected the charlotan that now inhabits the White House! This idiot is a joke, an outright joke, along with the people who elected him! The wealthy, the truly wealthy in this country are not going to pay more in taxes! They will find ways around it, the only ones who will pay are the small busineses! STUPID LIBERALS

Ah, the hypocrisy of tax-hikers who do everything they can to avoid the taxes they wish to impose on others.

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass.: He tried to avoid $500K in his home state's sales and excise taxes by docking his newly purchased $7 million 76-foot yacht in Rhode Island.

Massachusetts lowered its state income tax in 2001. Given the presumably large number of rich people who pine to pay more taxes, the state allowed tax filers to check a box and voluntarily pay the old, higher rate. In a liberal state of over 3 million tax filers, how...