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Load them up on a bus and send them to Washington D.C., send them to every congressman and Senator who will not close our border, and make sure they are well armed!Send a few to that loser in the White house too! Maybe then we will get some action out of these losers in Washington who think they are doing so well at their jobs
Boy I hear that one! It didn't take long when Udall,(Obama, same thing) came out with the only add any dumbocrat has--"War on Women, War on Women". So, maybe Udall won't show up with obumba, but he has his nose so far up his wahoo that it is most certainly black as can be!
Unforunately, I disagree with parts of the article, especialy those that state Americans are waking up to the fact that Obama has run amuck! There are too many who are ignorant, and also vote, who would vote for this fool again because they have absolutely no knowledge of the issues of today! He, and most of the democrats count on that! You can see that in their election campaign commercials. They are still harping on the same issues "war on women", racism etc. etc. and will fool all those who just go down the line and mark dumbocrat! I fear that only when we are under a stinking dictatorship and people are being persecuted for their speech and beliefs will they wake up! Those days are slowly coming!
Gotta love it! Isn't it amazing how that hard drive just crashed not 10 days after this all comes to light! I'm surprised they didn't come on and say something like; " It was the fault of some guy in Florida who made a video that the Muslims didn't like, so they crashed our computer, or " An asteroid hit it and just happened to destroy all the info you requested, sorry! Obama probably went down there in person to make sure it crashed, unlike Benghazi, when he couldn't be found!
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Progressive Poverty Porn

Curtis104 Wrote: Jun 26, 2014 9:39 PM
Yeah, yeah, yeah, in one ear, out the other! Problem is all the same people who voted for the loser who inhabits the White house now, believe it! They are probably at this very moment sending as much money to hillary as they can afford, even though they wonder where the next meal will come from!
I think next April 15th we should all take a tax holiday and not pay up until we get some answers, because were sure not going to get them from the attorney idiot holder,nor his loser boss obumber!!
The SOB at the top is as guilty as sin! You would have to be blind not to see this one! How convenient that these e-mails are lost just now, how perfect the timing! Why would that be, you ask, because they indict the loser president directly! They were'nt lost, they were intentionaly destroyed! This so-called president is the biggest crook among a legion of crooks that we have ever had in office!
I'm offended by the government-- I think we should do away with it!
Yeah, right, and those e-mails at the IRS just disapeared all by themselves, too! The only thing that comes out of liberals mouths anymore are lies! They wouldn't know how to tell the truth, it is a lot easier for them to just lie! They don't even care if they get caught in a lie, theyv'e done it so often, and all their sheeple voters believe it all!
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CNN: Mass Shootings NOT on the Rise

Curtis104 Wrote: Jun 17, 2014 7:19 PM
Funny, growing up in the seventies and going to high school on the plains, we carried guns right in the rear window of our trucks--- don't remember any school shootings then!!
First you knock his block off, and then say BULL! Lying sack of you know what! Tell me with a straight face that this does not go all the way to the top! Isn't it amazing that now, after three years, all of a sudden, they remember that they lost them? Why didn't we learn this three years ago? Our great and glorious liar-in-chief is right in the middle of this and he had to dispose of the evidence before it cost him his job! That is pretty darn clear here! He will go to any lengthe to continue to carry out his filthy agenda! We have never had such a worthless lying, crooked cheat for a president in the history of this country! And, what does that say for the voting population of this country, not much! The people of this country need to march right into Washington and physically throw this lying bast--- out of the white house, and then throw the rest of them out of the senate and congress right along with him! I am personally tired of being treated as though I am an imbecile! Tired of being blatantly lied to, and expected to believe the garbage that continues to come out of Washington! Do they think we are fools and idiots out here? I know that the people who voted for them might believe this garbage, but low IQ is no excuse!
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