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I'm sure that that is the story we will hear from our stinking leftist press here in the good old United socialist states under King Obama!
Obummer would put the cartoonist in jail for inslulting the prophet muhammmed!
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(Lack Of) Truth And Consequences

Curtis104 Wrote: Feb 15, 2015 1:37 PM
kCheating, what cheating- these days that is what we get! We have elected officials who do it all the time, and, even when caught red-handed, are not punished! Look at Obummer, how many scandals have rocked his administration, and he goes merrily on, one after another, without so much as even a slap on the hand! The American public is disengaged, they don't care, apathetic, and it will cost us our republic some day!
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The Case For Killing The Filibuster

Curtis104 Wrote: Feb 14, 2015 3:09 PM
Only one problem-- these chicken sh-- rino republicans don't have the moxy to do it! I wonly wish that would happen but I also have zero faith anymore in any of these losers that run this country!
Here is something for you Jeb Bush, don't roll anything out, just roll out, period! We don't need another RINO republican!
Just another one of O-stupids lies, one of so many, and the only ones who believe them are the 90 % of the people who voted for him! This country has never had a more crooked POS than this one! Richard Nixon was almost impeached and didn't get away with nearly half as much as this jerk! But, even in the seventies people were more involved in what went on than now! I'd be willing to bet that if you were to go out into the street and interview the idiots who voted this loser into office 90% of them couldn't tell you about the issues we face in this country today!
Oh, but he does see, and he does care- If anyone thinks that he doesn't know what he is doing, he is wrong! This so=called president is nothing but an activist, and everything he has done, or will do has intended consequences! It is all done with malice and forethought! The great majority of people who voted for him before and even the second time would gleefully do it again! Why, because they are not informed of what goes on in the world, and that, my friend will be the complete undoing of this once great republic! It is just a matter of time before ignorance leads us into the decay and end of this nation!
They aren't any too bright-- oh wait, about as bright as the idiots who voted for the king idiot in the white house now!
Duh, Obyummer is talking to the smartest people on earth, the college student! Why, they know it all, whatever there is to know, they know it! They will believe him, they always do, and, besides if not they will get something for free! But, what the brainless, don;t or won't realize is that someone will have to pay for their free ride, and it won't be Obummer it will, once again be the American taxpayer! And these fools won;t realize that until they themselves have to pay the bill!!
I am a conservative and I am here to state--STAY OUT- just what we need, another RINO attempt at the white house1 Wev'e seen enough of this garbage, Romney, McCain, when will these jack-as---- figure it out, WHEN! We are already being sold down the river by the latest batch!
What's the difference-- when it's all said and done our illustrious King and dictator Obummer will just issue another one of his famous executive orders! When he doesn't get his way (because his way, we all should know by now) is the only right way! We are only just lowly dumb peons to be ordered around by his majesty. The jerk knows that he only has about two more months before a new Senate, one that is not under the dictatorship of his buddy Harry (do nothing) Reid comes into power! So, why not just issue another Executive order, it is not like you really care anyway!
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