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Hey, Holder, for once you and Obama need to shut your mouths, or show some action! Put your money where your lying pie hole is! If you both know so much about this so-called non-exsistant problen with ISIS that you both are ignoring then get your butts over to the Middle east and solve it. Go talk peace with the leaders of ISIS, please, please, then, at least, that way maybe a few of our problems here would be solved!
Nazi's did too! That is exactly how you can commit genocide, or, in this case, abortion! The Nazi's found that teaching children in school that the Jews were comparable to rats, they could then exterminate them as such! You take away a persons humanity, don't call them an baby, call them a fetus, a rat, makes it easier to kill and justify the killing afterward! They are doing nothing different than what the Nazi's did 70 years ago!
F-ing libtards, you are a bunch of stinki9ng cowards! You are so brave, can kill all the unborn children in the world but when ISIS shows up you and Obuma go and hide!
Oh, but he's a lib, he can do that to all the women, it doesn't count when a lib does it, not a peep from any womens organization!
Funny, it seemed to work against Hitler and Tojo! Hmmm, I'm thinking this is another lib who should personally go over and try negotiations with ISIS first! Ya know if her theory is right she will come back, if not, well, one less liberal!
Hey, Holder, why don't you get your sorry a-- over there and ask them personally what they would like to be called. What?, NO, you won't go, COWARD! I really wish you would--chop- chop!
Not if your a liberal, they can get away with murder, without so much as a peep from the press, for example, Benghazi, Fast and Furious!
Obama is an idiot- pure plain, and simple! But, I do have a solution. Instead of running out the the golf couse-again- he might try doing the job the idiots in this country elected him for! I think, since he seems to know these people so well, that he himself ought to go over there and try to talk sense to them, maybe ISIS will air their many untold grievences to him and he can solve all their problems--yeaH RIGHT! But, go anyway, maybe this country will get lucky once in your preseidency, oh, by the way, take Biden too!
Ya know, it is real easy to pick out a good Republican candidate for President! Whomever the libs attack the hardest has got to be a good one! If they come out and endorse a republican candidate like Christie or jeb Bush that tells me I should stay away from them, because they don't like anyone who might stand a chance of winning the nomination! They like to pick our candidates for us! I wish those liberl pigs would have been this thorough when that loser Obummer was trying to get elected, then, it didn't seem to matter what he was about (intentionally) and we were stuck with this worthless loser for an American activist. I said activist because he is not actually a President- he wouldn't make a pimple on a real Presidents' backside!
I'm sure that that is the story we will hear from our stinking leftist press here in the good old United socialist states under King Obama!
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