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Oh, really, the gov tells me that when I don't wear seat belts, I can get fined! Uh, that is my body sitting in that seat!! As a male, when the world goes to war, and the Gov sends me a draft notice, they expect me to go and give my life for this country-- that is my body also! Now, that same Gov, tells me I HAVE to carry its health insurance or I will be fined! Really, that argument doesn't hold water! If you were so concerned about your body why did you get pregnant in the first place,or is it that you were not smart enough to know that? So, now, it is the unborn childs' fault, because you weren't responsible enough in the first place to know what would happen if you got pregnant! It was sure fun at the time, but now the reality sets in, and you don't want to take the responsibility for your actions! Ignorant
Really! Men are not blameless! And oh, what about child support? There are men out there who do pay it! So, they are immune huh! I know a lot of fathers who are taking care of their own children because the women won't! Our society is structured so the men are blameless-- really-- Well, I thought you progressives didn't need men around to bring up children anyway, so now you have a double standard! But, it also takes two to tango, the men aren't blameless here, but, neither is the woman, the only one who is bLAMELESS IS THE UNBORN CHILD, AND YOU PROGRESSIVES WILL KILL THE BABY TO SAVE YOUR FACE! That makes a lot of sense! It is kinda like a women being raped and then she gets thrown in jail because she provoked it, how dumb is that? I would rather be stupid than a murderer, any day!
It is not just the media, and jollywood who ignore what goes on with abortion and their clinics! It is also the people of this country! Just like the Germans, who had to keep the Holocaust hidden (because they knew it was wrong) so we too, keep abortion hidden! The similarities are amazing! How many Christians are actually for abortion is hard to believe; its kinda like a Jew who is in favor of Adolph Hitler--makes no sense, whatsoever!
Time for the IRS to go, and the jerk who is the President of the U.S. with them! All of them are involved, you can bet on that!
Yeah right, Lerner held in contempt, Holder held in contempt, what good has it done the American public? These politicians in Washington think that they are above the law, that it was only written for us little people! The American public (at least certain parts of it) that want justice and answers for al these questons will never see it!l
RU 486-- responsible for 15 deaths in recent years! And yet, right now, in our Congress they are holding hearings to find out why GM didn't recall cars that had faulty ignition switches, that killed, what, 15 people over the past several years! The hypocrisy here is unbelievalble! Those who tout abortion as a solution operate on the same principles as the Nazis! They found that if you can de-humanize a person, you can eliminate him/her, and no one will care, it is the same tactics used to legalize abortion!!
Never the truth shall come out of Obama's mouth! Never has!
Yeah, Yeah, the wolf cries 'foul'. Who-except their stupid low information voters- are the dumbocrats hoping to fool! They love it, but they have to keep up the lie, and act like they don't!
Oh, don't worry, all those things about losing your job, your property, your rights, are all coming! If you disagree with them on this issue sooner or later they will find a way to take away all your rights! Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, all coming to a nation near you!
62 % of young americans are less confident in the federal governments handling of major programs after the botched rollout of Obama care------- probably the same 62 % who blindly voted for the idiot! Duh, now they figure it out! If they were so smart before and chose to look at our federal governments history of botching major programs (the list is endless) maybe they would have changed their vote! That statement is a confession to either ignorance or stupidity, maybe both!
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