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Duh, Obyummer is talking to the smartest people on earth, the college student! Why, they know it all, whatever there is to know, they know it! They will believe him, they always do, and, besides if not they will get something for free! But, what the brainless, don;t or won't realize is that someone will have to pay for their free ride, and it won't be Obummer it will, once again be the American taxpayer! And these fools won;t realize that until they themselves have to pay the bill!!
I am a conservative and I am here to state--STAY OUT- just what we need, another RINO attempt at the white house1 Wev'e seen enough of this garbage, Romney, McCain, when will these jack-as---- figure it out, WHEN! We are already being sold down the river by the latest batch!
What's the difference-- when it's all said and done our illustrious King and dictator Obummer will just issue another one of his famous executive orders! When he doesn't get his way (because his way, we all should know by now) is the only right way! We are only just lowly dumb peons to be ordered around by his majesty. The jerk knows that he only has about two more months before a new Senate, one that is not under the dictatorship of his buddy Harry (do nothing) Reid comes into power! So, why not just issue another Executive order, it is not like you really care anyway!
I wonder how many agents he sent to the border to find out how many of the guns he sold during fast and furious were used in the commission of felonies or murders! My guess would be that instead of urging calm in Ferguson he probably is sending in arms to arm the Black Panthers to stir up more trouble!
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Feelingstown, Missouri

Curtis104 Wrote: Nov 27, 2014 11:21 AM
That won't work either! During the riots in LA during the Rodney King ordeal I happened to talk to a local law officer and I asked him why when this happened, why they didn't just send in black officers to handle the situation, then no one could hollar the Democratic election creed ' RACISM' He told me that they didn't want to deal with it anymore than the white officers! Besides, wouldn't it just be great to have all the lawbreakers running law enforcement, it would operate just like our present government does now.
What? Reid work in good faith, is this the same kind of good faith and compromise that he worked in while he was majority leader, if so,,lets start shoving the rod up his a--! What, does dingy Harry think everyone should just suddenly forget his rhetoric over the past 6 years! He only wants to forget it because the chicken sh-- is afraid hel'l get what he meted out to everyone else in the past!
The crook Pres, Ebola will go to any lengths to carry out his leftist agenda! What a joke-- this will be the most transparent Presidency ever, you got it wrong liar, it certainly is without a doubt the most crooked!
James Comey says that the FBI is tracking terrorists in the United States-----Does anyone except me find this utterly stupid! Just tracking them; what exactly are they waiting for them to do, or waiting until they actually do it! Really, kick their ugly as--- out of this country! I suppose that our glorious A-hole Pres Ebola has told the FBI they can't do anything until they commit an act of terrorism, oh, but that is right, they aren't terrorists, it's those right wing zealots that Ebola is after, they are the real terrorists! What the H--- is wrong with this country!
Unbelievable, totally, unbelievable! This country once tried to impeach a president who was a whole lot less crooked that this one, now, with the help of a liberal press , he is protected!. Remember one thing dumbocrats, the shoe can and will be on the other foot, so, when and if it happens to you, you will have no leg to stand on because you ignored every scandal that went on under this crook! What a joke this country and its people are! In years past this wouldn't have been tolerated, but now, anything goes!
WE DON'T CALL HIM Mark Udall in Colorado anymore-- the name is Mark Uterus, because that is the only commercial he seems to be able to produce!
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