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Where are his facts?
Kicking out kids like Ryan Adresson stands again everything the BSOA stands for and I do not want Federal money going to them if they are treating kids like that.
But McCain has two wives. Thats perfectly ok. "Books about homosexual parents ARE being pushed into the schools. JFYI." Maybe because there are homosexual parents out there. I know some and they do a good job. JFYI. And at least they get off their butts and do parenting for kids, unlike the millions who are murdered by abortions every year. JFYI.
If Rush Limbaughs fifth wife is good enough to be called a marriage then its good enough for me. Somehow I get the feeling that you would not compare that to beastiality. But a loving and committed gay couple who has been together for decades, God forbid anbody "force" you to respect that.
"A homosexual man may marry any woman he wants, just as a heterosexual man, and vice-verse." You mean like Marcus Bachmann?
Where did Jesus condemn homosexuality?
"This is sad because the Republican Party has the only platform that a Christian can support." McCain was divorced and remarried but that didn't bother you as a Christian????
So I guess DHulme wants us to be more like Socialized Europe and Mother Russia. Definately not the GOP I remember.
Because you are wrong and being intentionally misleading.
The same evidence you had when you called gay people sociopaths? Shame on you.
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