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Rules for Addressing Amnesty

curmudgeon10 Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 5:47 PM
the only changes in amnesty policy we need is to end the amnesty being enjoyed by those who hire illegals, place them on the welfare roles, aid and abet them, shelter them, and occupy government positions while preventing the enforcement of our immigration laws. put a few hundred thousand of those criminals in prison, and we would not have an illegal alien problem.
Republicans are getting a lot of unsolicited advice about how to recover from last year's defeat, and most of it is either ignorant or coming from people who don't have Republican party victories in their game plan. One of the worst of these bits of advice is that Republicans should join a bipartisan push for immigration amnesty.

Amnesty advocates shrink from using the word amnesty and try hard to shroud their message in deceptive words. So let's understand their vocabulary: reform, comprehensive, earned legal status and path to citizenship are all code words for amnesty.

At the recent conservative jamboree called CPAC,...