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Mitt Romney: Born Again

curmudgeon10 Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 3:30 PM
we must elect romney because he is not obama, and we cannot survive 4 more years of malicious mismanagement, obama style. we are going to have a hard time surviving 4 years of clueless management, romney style. the most critical issue facing our nation is not the economy, jobs, etc--select thatever issue the politicians are lying about. the one most critical issue is immigration, most importantly, muslim immigration, and romney is as clueless about immigration as obama is treasonous. how difficult would it be for a COMMANDER (as opposed to traitor) IN CHIEF to issue an order to all federal agencies instructing them to enforce all our immigration laws?
He tried ignoring his base in the primary when it was rallying behind marriage in North Carolina and rallying behind Chick-fil-a when it was under attack, and that didn’t work. Then he tried just scaring people into voting against Obama, and that didn’t work.

Finally, Mitt Romney tried conservatism at Wednesday night’s debate—and that did.

The result was Romney – that’s right, the guy that was once named the No.8 RINO in the country by Human Events – provided the country the most teachable moment on the differences between Republicans and Democrats in a presidential election since before...