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Misunderstanding 9/11

curmudgeon10 Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 3:44 PM
9-11-01 was an unmistakable announcement that islam is, and always has been, at war with america. in response to that unmistakable notice, the archfool george w bush declared islam the religion of peace, and asserted that we are not at war with islam. then, after 7 more years of criminal foolishness by the archfool in chief, the american people, bless their foolish hearts, elected a real, certified, muslim enemy of america to be our leader. when islam wins, and rounds up all our toxic liberals and executes them, noone, anywhere, ever, will have deserved it more. those who would like to send our muslims to some islamic hellhole as soon as possible will be genocided too, but they will not deserve it.

‘We have seen that the desire for liberty and freedom is, indeed, universal, as men and women in the Middle East rise up to seize it.”

I admire Condoleezza Rice and thought she gave a powerful speech at the recent Republican National Convention. But that line was a fingernail on a blackboard, albeit a familiar one: During the Bush administration, I was privileged to serve on a bipartisan democracy-promotion committee reporting to the secretary of state. A baseline assumption was that everyone everywhere wants to be free.

The reality may be less comforting. While there are many people — not least...