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Mayor Bloomberg Exploits Trayvon Martin Tragedy to Push Gun Control

curmudgeon10 Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 12:37 AM
poor little trayvon, the innocent 12 year old martyr, was murdered by a white peruvian due to the lack of gun control laws. then the evil police refused to prosecute him. then the good liberals prosecuted him in the liberal media, and thank goodness for the liberals in the media, the evil white man will finally be prosecuted, with the presumption of guilt, just like it says in the liberal constitution. we will have to put the evil white peruvian up in prison for the next 40 years, to assuage liberal guilt for slavery, while the good liberal saviors of mankind disarm us in front of our enemies. thank god for liberals.
The shooting death of an unarmed seventeen-year-old is a tragedy. Conservatives, however, have been suspicious of the media firestorm surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin for a few different reasons.

Events involving Al Sharpton, the New York Times and NBC have been pushing a narrative that this singular event - regardless of the facts of the case - "proves" that America is a deeply racist nation. The other big reason is that conservatives are wary that the Left won't let a crisis go to waste and pursue more gun control laws.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is