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Immigration Reform, School Choice and the Proposed Border Commission

curmudgeon10 Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 1:11 AM
even if the new voters being manufactured by our treasonous leaders were to somehow be 100% republican voters, it would still be the duty of republicans, as the pro-american party, to oppose this flagrant invasion, and substitution of our population. we expect democrats to favor amnesty, because we know democrats are anti-american traitors. that is why republicans are catching all the flak about amnesty: the simple fact that treason is so routine for democrats that it is expected. newsflash for republicans: your new citizen-invaders are not going to vote for republicans. not even 20%. that leaves 80% for the party of treason. you do the math. it isnt difficult.

First, a terrific compendium of think tank analyses of immigration compiled by the wizards at is here.

If you are going to debate immigration reform, be smart about immigration reform, especially about the positions of the opposite party's intellectuals.

This means among other things being smart about school choice for immigrant children. Vouchers for newly regularized immigrants under the age of 18 empowering them to attend any public or private school in the city in which they reside should be part of the GOP amendments to any immigration reform bill. The cost of such a voucher is...