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Estudia espanol!

curmudgeon10 Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 10:21 AM
greenberg is one of the better columnists for the arkansas democrat gazette. still, as one of the best it has to offer, greengerg is way liberal. he has to be. his presence would not long be tolerated if he actually promoted good sense. the dem-gaz regularly runs editorials making fun of anyone who is in favor of enforcing our immigration laws. the dem-gaz habitually runs editorials in which the frequently found and always praised phrase "illegal immigrants" is placed in italics, and followed by an out of place exclamation point. the point is that illegal immigrants are good, and anyone that is against illegal immigration is just a silly fool, or even a racist. that is the milieu from which greenberg seeps.

A great political party with a long history can survive defeat, even learn from it and grow stronger. But a party that does not learn from its defeats, that appears unable to adapt and grow, cannot remain great. It will join the extensive collection of long-ago American parties, like the Federalists and Whigs and many another, as just another artifact of American history.

After its defeat in this year's presidential election, the Republican Party has much to learn. The principal theme of its presidential ticket -- fiscal responsibility and the economic growth it could underwrite -- was obscured by the...