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but the controversy sure does identify those in favor of voting fraud: those who oppose voter id.
I am not so sure he is a domestic enemy.
it is getting harder and harder to commit satire, isn't it loyal? no matter how outrageous the stupidity you put in the mouths of our dear democrats, it is getting so close to the truth that it really doesn't seem satirical. just the plain unvarnished truth.
you will rarely be wrong
the American people have a great monstrous enemy: the democratic party. they also have a lesser, obnoxious, not friend: the republican party. what the democrats do out of vile hatred for the legal population of our country, the republicans do as a result of stupidity and cowardice.
think of the stupidity that has been justified starting with "if it saves even one child............" in the lawbreaker in chief, we have seen the opposite. "if it only murders a few of our children...................". where is the liberal outrage?
the mathematics are there. there have to be a few democraitic senators who realize the peril that the muslim mole has placed our country in. a few should be persuaded that getting rid of an enemy in the white house is necessary. there are democratic senators from areas where the voters voted against democrats in 14 and may well do it again in 16, and 18. convince them that it is in their interest to support the rule of law, as opposed to the rule of tyrant, and Obama can be sent packing.
that's an easy answer. joe biden is a fool. he is a disgusting idiot. biden is a clown, but biden does not hate the legal citizens of our country, nor does he want to replace us with invading lawbreaking foreigners. biden deserves to be placed in the white house, with the understanding that he has one day to issue an executive order to all federal agencies that they will, contrary to the instructions of the criminal in chief, enforce our laws as written. if he refuses, then impeach him too.
accountability? accountability, you say!!! wrong. what the criminal in chief did is a crime, and crime demands punishment, not "accountability". if we as a nation of supposedly law abiding citizens are not willing to put an archcriminal in prison for flouting our laws, and replacing our legal citizenry with invading foreigners, then we are not a nation. we are a collection of amoral cowards, just waiting for a strong dictator to tell us what to do, and what to think. what is it going to be? imprison a major criminal, or admit that we are a nation of spineless cowards?
if our congress betrays us and sends any bill to that archcriminal in the white house that includes any kind of amnesty, I will oppose it. treason is treason, if it is commited by a muslim mole in the white house, or if the muslim mole has the aid and comfort of a majority of traitors in the legislature. amnesty is a crime, no matter how many high ranking criminals approve it.
our immigration policy does encourage legal, and discourage illegal, immigration. our immigration policy is the law of the land. it is criminals like George w bush, and his successor, the archcriminal Hussein, who have violated our laws, and invited the world to invade us, and have refused to honor their oath of office, in the case of bush, due to incredible stupidity, and in the case of Hussein, due to gut felt profound hatred for the American legal population, and have refused to enforce our laws, and have aided and abetted the invasion. both criminals deserve to be put on a scaffold and hung for their crime of genocide against our legal population. are we a nation of rational people who will punish arch-criminal presidents who betray them, or are we a nation of simpering, whining, fools. we will soon see.
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