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sorry, eagle, you and buck misunderstand my comment. it was a challenge to democrats to become what they cannot be-----honest, nonracist, and patriotic. exactly what the republicans cIaim to be as they cooperate with the democrats in betraying us again. a pox on the evil party and their dupes, the stupid party. how many mcamnestys, lensamnestys, and George w religion-of-peaces will the stupid party stuff down your throat before you choke?
barry's image was prominently displayed on top of the post. barry may not be running, but his thinkalikes are.
among the politically observant, the stupid party and the wimp party are the same, and are ever willing to be suckers for the vile plots of the evil party.
unfortunately, a large portion of that majority are dupes who vote for their own extermination. being a majority does not fix stupid
a chance to have an AG who stands solidly with crime. also another chance to plumb the depths of democratic party depravity and republican party stupidity and cowardice.
1. we endured 8 long years of unrestricted illegal invasion under the execrable George w bush. some of that time reps had a majority in both house and senate. 2. the republicans will not even promise to deport the illegals, let alone do it. 3. see #1 and #2. I do not so much despise republicans for what they say, but rather for what they do. reference Lindsey graham, a flagrant law breaking open borders traitor. 4. no, that comes from the media and democrats. 5. republicans talk welfare reform, but what they do is more welfare, just like the democrats. have you totally forgotten the execrable traitor George w bush's kinder and gentler conservatism with its brand new giveaway, prescription meds? even the democrats didn't come up with that huge boondoggle. 6. the republicans are as big on islamophilia and importing muslim enemies as anyone. need I again reference bush and his open door policy towards our Islamic enemies? finally, I have never voted for a democrat, but I would, if they would stop being enemies to my nation, our society, common sense, and national survival. they would not have to be very good at all to be better than republicans.
let me help you, barry. I am a white southerner. I despise the republican party. perhaps i will vote democrat next election. first, there a few things you will have to do. 1. stop the foreign invasion. 2. send the invaders home. 3. obey the law. 4. stop calling us racists. 5. stop sending checks to no good worthless loafers. 6. stop force feeding us homosexuality, same sex marriage, abortion, and islam. do these few simple things that you ought already to be doing, and I guarantee my vote.
that some nerve. a criminal who violates his oath of office flouts the laws of our country, invites foreign invasion, refuses to repel that invasion, then writes his own laws to make the invaders illegal citizens, wants to blame reduction in national security on those few who have done anything to thwart his own lawbreaking. that's some nerve.
bring it on. the criminal Somalian invasion is an abomination, brought to our country by traitors in high office, and willing dupes in the population who are willing to have their women raped and enslaved, and themselves enslaved and murdered. bloodshed due to the treasonous importation of Somalian evil is inevitable, and the sooner the better. at this time, the legitimate population of our country might prevail. if our traitors have their way, the fight will come when the invaders have the overwhelming advantage. come on, al shab. you are the kind of persuasion that we need, to convince our islam loving fools that it is time to get rid of the traitors, and send the evil invaders home.
due to treason at all levels of government, we are importing hordes of malicious muslim enemies. the only thing that will bring us to our senses Is mass murder at the hands of these Islamic friends of our traitors. the traitors could end the terror without any bloodshed. all they have to do is stop the treason, stop importing enemies, and send all our muslims home to some country where all the infidels have already been murdered by muslims. but the traitors will not stop betraying us, so it will require blood, lots of blood, to cleanse our country of the menace invited by our traitors. patriotic americans can survive only by winning this fight forced on us by our traitors. if we don't fight, or if we lose the fight, we die.
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