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1. wait until 2017 and hope that a republican is president. omg, are you really that stupid? republican presidents have a track record of being just as criminally compliant with the illegal replacement of our legal population by invading foreigners as democrats. the probability of a republican who is in favor of enforcing our immigration laws being nominated is about equal to the probability of a democrat who is not a mortal enemy of America being nominated. the invasion of our country, and the replacement of our population by foreigners is the only truly bipartisan thing in Washington. the criminals in control of both parties have agreed to replace our legal population with foreigners. democrats betray us for a temporary political advantage. they want to rule our country in its death throes. republicans betray us because they are stupid and cowardly.
broken, you prattle. the only thing broken about our immigration laws is that democratic party criminals and republican party criminals are making careers out of violating our immigration laws. you want to see broken? just continue the unrestricted invasion of our country, and it will be the country that is broken. if the criminals that are responsible for enforcing our laws paid half as much attention to enforcing our immigration laws as they spend catching speeders, we would not have an immigration problem at all. the problem is that speeders pay, and illegal invaders take. that makes them natural allies of our criminal politicians, who take, take, take. just like illegal invaders. send the illegal invaders home, along with Christy, bush, bush, Clinton, Clinton, Pelosi, reid, Rubio, deblasio, schumer, holder, Obama, aunt vitunie, Boehner, and many other enemies of our population, and we would not have a broken immigration system or a broken nation. keep them, and we are doomed.
the corrupt irs is not the worst thing about the income tax. the worst thing about the income tax is that it is a burden to a minority of voters, a minor irritation to some, and a source of income for the majority. that favored majority, of course, is obligated to vote for ever more taxes on the few, and ever more benefits for the many. it amounts to slavery. ironic that those who whine the most about past slavery are the ones most committed to the expansion of current slavery.
so you want loopholes in the fence too?
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Uninstall Firefox

curmudgeon10 Wrote: Apr 08, 2014 1:16 AM
sorry, I never installed firefox. will it help if I install it, then uninstall it? this is kind of like when the baseball players struck. I would have liked to say I would never buy another major league baseball ticket, but I never bought one before. I could threaten the democrats that if they betray our nation and our population again, I wont vote for them, but dammit, I never voted for them to begin with. I do have one credible threat, though.......if the party of perpetually stupid nominates jeb open borders bush, brother of George "religion of peace" bush, son of George "read my lips" bush, I will, and I do guarantee you this, never vote for a republican again. never.
I have been married for 35 years. I was once a sensible person. I somehow got a degree in electrical engineering, and have been supporting a family and paying taxes all these years. yet I have not had a sensible thought at home for 35 years. I think that gays are effin crazy to want to get married. they can have it. there is a solution to the doma controversy. just make a law that all gays must get married, and stand by for the wailing and gnashing of teeth. I would love to see those rich pampered politically active gay morons married for even one year. they would be demonstrating to get rid of gay marriage, and boycotting everyone who thought gay marriage was a good idea. let them have it.
I forgot to mention. the language in question is demspeak. its a lot like newspeak, but without the honesty.
you just gotta know the language. partisan is anything republicans propose or do. bipartisan is anything democrats propose or do. got it? controversy over.
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Dissent on a One-Way Street

curmudgeon10 Wrote: Apr 04, 2014 11:04 PM
they are making a really good case for secret donations only. we are almost to the point that any donation to any cause that is not extremely leftist is dangerous to ones career. no one ever got fired for supporting leftist stupidity. they may roll their eyes at the stupidity, but they don't fire leftist stooges for ignorance and stupidity off the job.
so there is a limit to the partisan zeal for Obama displayed by the networks. too bad they didn't wise up 6 years ago.
he could also end illegal immigration with the stroke of a pen, with an executive order instructing all federal employees at any level to enforce our immigration laws. why doesn't he? because he approves of the replacement of our legal population by foreign invaders. the mystery is why George w bush betrayed us for 8 long years by aiding and abetting the invasion.
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