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Anti-Tax “Carrot Rebellion”

curmudgeon10 Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 4:20 PM
oic. if we import hordes of muslim criminals, declard open season on our women, allowing muslims to rape them without penalty, give lavish welfare benefits to muslims so their slimy men can affort 20 or more children each by multiple wives, all supported by the taxpayer, declare everyone that is against such foolishness to be an islamophobe, tax the pants off our citizens and let the invaders freeload, then everything will be better? we will be like sweden. until we are like somolia. nice plan, stooge.

If there was a prize for fighting back against tax authorities, the Italians would probably deserve first place. I’m not aware of any other country where tax offices get firebombed. The Italians also believe in passive forms of resistance, with tens of thousands of boat owners sailing away to protect themselves from the government.

But the Spanish are beginning to get into the swing of things, perhaps because they are increasingly upset by the plethora of tax hikes imposed by the supposedly right-of-center government in Madrid.

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