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America’s Fatal Conceit

curmudgeon10 Wrote: Nov 25, 2012 10:40 AM
the real point of the last election is that good people cannot outvote the cheaters and takers. we are now on a runaway course that can only end in the bankruptcy and destruction of our current system, and civil strife to determine who will control the next government. it is to the advantage of good people to have the civil strife as soon as we can. the longer it is delayed, the stronger will be the enemies being imported by our current criminal government. if good people win in the coming struggle, we do not know what the resulting government will look like, but if people have learned anything at all, and if voting is tolerated, there will be no more voting by parasites. round one, the parasites won, but they killed the host.

This year’s presidential election was a history-altering event for America. The nation chose, for its future, a course in diametric opposition to the core principles on which it was founded.

The reelection of President Barack Obama is the result of a wide-spread rejection of individual liberty in favor of a virulent strain of collectivism that seeks a more expansive role for central planning by the federal government and, ultimately, will liquefy America’s traditional, once indomitable, liberty-centric institutions.

One can reasonably question why the Obama’s reelection reflects even worse judgment on the part of the American people than their initial decision...