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Use Mercenaries to Fight ISIS?

drcoolpepper Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 9:25 AM
Bingo! America's enemies sees that 95.5 percent of our country has no apparent will to fight. Only 0.5 percent of the population serves in the military. How much of the 95.5 will find excuses not to serve? It's a bleak picture going forward. Meanwhile, the president has done everything he possibly can to emasculate the 0.5 percent.
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Has John McCain Lost His Mind?

drcoolpepper Wrote: Aug 07, 2014 4:16 PM
Granted, anyone who is courageous enough to serve deserves respect for that selfless act. But McCain is the Poster Boy for Democrats. His victim status as POW has insulated him from -- and covered over -- a dubious past before and after Viet Nam. Only as a POW was he ever portrayed as a super-human leader of his fellow vets -- a characterization that simply does not jive with his behavior before or since that time. His suffering as a POW is tragic. However, he was incredibly disrespectful to MIA families since his return home. He has often been praised for refusing to accept release from Hanoi before others, but could he really not have done that without tarnishing (even destroying) his family's prestigious naval reputation and history? None of us are perfect -- no doubt. But McCain has a history of looking out for McCain with no regard for those he is supposed to be most loyal. As a senator, McCain has conducted himself unfaithfully, as well. He has betrayed his party time and again: McCain-Kennedy for amnesty of illegal immigrants (enough said); McCain-Feingold for campaign finance reform (suppressing free speech); McCain-Lieberman for energy tax (global warming); and McCain-Edwards for a Patient’s Bill of Rights (socialist medicine)…he has been the beneficiary of 5 years of suffering that many nameless Americans endured , as well. I find it fascinating that others do not wonder what his pathetic campaign for presidency and his abandoning Palin in political battle was all about. Certainly not the Chicago politics of his opponent.
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Is Thinking Obsolete?

drcoolpepper Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 8:28 AM
A war is over when the enemy is dead or capitulates. Until then, limp-wristed, self-righteous ignoramuses will do their best to ensure decent Israelis and Americans will be killed by our enemies so these delusional and demonically possessed do-gooders can indulge in a freakish ceremony of self-gratification for their own pious sap. #Throttle-Gaza.
Semper Fi, Neal.
Semper Fi, HB.
Oh, right, because suspected deserters cannot be locked in the brig? How retarded.
And Now We Know Why Chief Hunting Babies Obama Wants to Abort the Redskins name.
Not at all. Divorce, adultery, open marriage all have a heavy price on the individuals involved. Stigmas, shame, loss of friends, hurt families, etc. Sin has a price. Wrong doing requires judgment. Someone has to pay the price. There's an old book about it. I wish you would read it.
Why is it so important to homosexuals that everyone else celebrate and embrace their sexual sins? Heterosexuals generally keep their adultery, open marriages, and sexual deviancy in the closet where it belongs. Please, for the love of humanity, just leave people alone. I do not ask anyone to praise or tolerate my desire to punch someone in the face when I get ticked off. And I hope no one encourages me to do that either. Please pray for me (I need more patience). I know I am wrong to lose my temper. Thanks, I will continue to pray for you, too, and the sins and bondage in which you suffer.
And those heterosexual deviants/freaks keep it in the closet, Dave -- the same place homosexuals should. Sin is disgusting and shameful, Dave. Why celebrate it? For the love of humanity -- please just try not to force others to embrace and tolerate it. What's wrong with you, man? Why is it so important to you that others rejoice in your hedonistic, unfulfilling desires? Nothing could be more clearly wicked than wishing others suffer along with you. Please just leave people alone and keep your sin to yourself. I don't wish my sins upon you or expect you to congratulate me or celebrate my desire to punch people in the face with whom I disagree... Pray for me, Dave. I'm struggling. Thanks, buddy...
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