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I work in Northern Virginia and I can honestly say the Obama signs are just not out there. I also live in Central Virginia and Romney signs outnumber Obama signs 25-1. The lines have been extra long at the voting booths today and Virginians are coming out in droves to vote. I still predict a 5 point Romney win.
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Obama "Circling the Wagons"!?

culpeperminuteman Wrote: Oct 18, 2012 8:58 AM
I live in Central Virginia and work in Northern Virginia - that bastion of liberal azzhats. The Romney/Ryan signs versus the Obama/Biden signs are easily 50 to 1. All you see everywhere is "Romney/Ryan/Allen" signs EVERYWHERE. I don't believe Virginia is as close as the pundits and pollsters say it is.
Biden says what he means, he just doesn't think before he says it. He is a doofus and a liar, a winning combination for a liberal.
I hope Ryan beats Biden like Biden owes him money. I know the liberal reaction will be more fun to watch than the actual debate.
These liberal nitwits (I know, I'm being repetitious) just can't stand the thought that their imperial leader could lose to somebody like Romney.
Hang on folks. The Obama camp and his media cronies are going to throw everything they can at Romney. This is going to get ugly. They are in-it-to-win-it and they will stop at nothing to get their guy re-elected.
What a joke these to assclowns are. Their guy got his a** handed to him and they can't even admit that. How do people go through life lying like these two? They are truly pathetic.
While I thought Romney was the clear winner tonight, and I am a conspiracy theory guy, I wouldn't be surprised if the lefties are doing this to plead for more money or their guy will be out of a job in November. Just a thought.
Man, I just don't understand why Mitt isn't 40 points ahead in the polls. These people are the most pathetic bunch of lying asshats I have ever seen. If Mitt loses to these fools, then God help us all.
I might have to look at that jug-earred goof ball for another 4 years, but I surely won't get used to him.
I'm pretty sure Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and Christine O'Donnell would argue about who actually has committed a war against women. The Democrats are nothing more than a party of pathetic assclowns.
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