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Alot can happen between now and the election, see George Allen in 2012. I think the biggest problem Cuccinelli has is the Dems will portray him as an idiot zealot. The biggest problem McAuliffe has is he comes to the state every governors race, loses, and then disappears until the next race. After he lost the primary in 2009, nobody has heard from him. Now he comes riding back into town to run again. Rod has it right-the Democrat smear machine will be in high gear pretty soon. Look for Obama to cross the Potomac river to campaign for McAuliffe in liberal rich No. Va. Obama will also take a trip down to Hampton Roads/Newport News/Norfolk under the pretense of visiting the troops to stump for McAuliffe. These are also liberal rich areas.
If he lies to reporters, what's to stop him from lying under oath? Typical liberal azzhat.
It never fails to amaze me about the stances this administration takes. I just wish for once the liberal media would challenge this jug earred goofball and watch him and Carney dance. I constantly shake my head in amazement at him and his administration. We as a country are in serious trouble. My heart breaks for the future these idiots are creating for my daughter.
The issue I have is not what he can or can't do, it's the way he goes about it. He comes across as arrogant when he says he will move if Congress won't. Can you just imagine the response from Democrats if George Bush had said the same thing when the Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate for two years? He leaves the impression he is acting like a dictator when he says he will "insist" they vote on it. The problem is they don't answer to him, they answer to the American people, and he knows that. This then boils down to political grandstanding.
What a pompous, arrogant, self-serving elitist. I really wish the American people would serve this guy and his administration a good old dose of voteemoutitis.
Powell said last night he found the use of the word "lazy" in describing President Obama "objectionable". I wish O'Reilly would have asked him why he didn't find the use of "liar", "thief", and "murderer" by the president and his minions to describe Mitt Romney "objectionable" as well. I respect Powell for what he has done for this country. I do think, however he is a political traitor. He has become one of these morons who think the Republicans need to go along to get along and not stand up for their principles.
Oh really. That jug earred goofball just used a bunch of children as a backdrop to take advantage of a political crisis but what he really did was hand the Republicans a golden opportunity. Again, this issue crosses party lines. Even Democrats in the House and Senate can't vote for it and they have told Obama so. This is just the opportunity the Republicans have been waiting for. The Democrats screwed the pooch in '94 with the assault weapons ban and it cost them dearly in elections for many years. And it will cost them again. They have tried to tell Obama not to do this, but he won't listen to them. Good luck, Libs.
Good luck Cutter. You have awakened a sleeping giant in the gun lobby. This isn't about gun control. This is about you libs running scared. And the only thing you weirdos know what to do with someone who scares you is to attack them. Only this issue crosses political lines and has stolen your votes. Good luck taking on the NRA. They are going to destroy the Democrats just like they did in '94.
When are you people in New York City going to wake the heck up and vote this doofus out of office? If for nothing else than to save him from himself. He is an absolute loon! This is liberal idiocy at it's best.
As a resident of Virginia, I hope Cuccinelli gets in. However, here is my prediction: The heavily populated liberal areas such as Northern Virginia, Richmond, and Hampton Roads/Norfolk will overwhelmingly vote for McAuliffe. The areas of Central Virginia, the Shenandoah valley, and Southwest Virginia will vote for Cuccinelli. The libs vote will cancel out the other areas and McAuliffe will be the next governor of Virginia. Another finely operated Republican state will be pi$$ed away by the libs.
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