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Video: Senator Ayotte Delivers Weekly GOP Address, Discusses “Fiscal Cliff”

Cuban Peete Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 3:57 PM
True enough, if the loser repubs don't learn how to toe the line, they will be blamed when the country goes down the tubes. The answer is to follow Obama unquestioningly to the golden age he is about to bestow on us. We are about to receive all that is righteously ours thanks to Obama. If the rich (who are mostly white men) are not forced to pay their fair share, this country will go down the tubes for sure. Stand by Obama! Sock it to rich whitey!

“We’ve had a spirited debate this year about the future of our country,” New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte explained on Saturday during this week's GOP address. “The American people expect Republicans and Democrats to work together to solve the difficult challenges we face. For too long partisan bickering has paralyzed Washington, preventing members of both parties from reaching across the aisle to find common ground. That must stop.” Watch the full clip below:

“Tax reform that eliminates wasteful tax preferences to generate revenue will help bring fairness and efficiency to our tax...