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Oh, I see, again the lack of reading comprehension. Love's point is that Jihad dad and Jihad son thought the Taliban was worthy of their affection. It had nothing to do with who tortures whom. Get it?
When did I suggest that he should be left behind? Again, with the lack of reading comprehension...tsk, tsk.
What's your point relative to Love's comments?
Just because FUBARack is withdrawing does not mean the war is over. Just because we send these jihadists back home, doesn't mean THEY'LL stop their terrorist acts against us.
He prefers living here, but he loves the Taliban. Your reading comprehension needs improving there, Neo.
Or, perhaps, he discovered that those to whom he gave his heartfelt devotion, the Taliban jihadists, by betraying his brothers in arm are not as worthy of his affection as he thought.
Maybe he prefers the geography and environment here better. Maybe he believes he can pursue his pro-radical-islamist-jihadist ways better here. At least here he has freedom, opportunity, communications resources and a plethora of enablers, like you, to pursue his dreams.
I know in NV more than a few mainstream Republicans supported dirty Harry against Sharron Angle. Two for sure, the mayor of Reno, Bob Cashel who was in ads supporting Harry and spouting anti-Angle talking points. Another one, Sue Lowden, is now running for Lt. Gov. and she is on record contributing to Harry's campaign and opposing Sharron. These are the types of Republicans that local commentators like George Washington want conservatives to ignore and sycophantically support. Wish they were a bit more reciprocal in leading by example.
Sounds like a convenient leak for FUBARack. So an anonymous someone tells the NY Times this poor little deserter boy claims he was tortured. Boo Hoo, poor kid. The Taliban bullied him. FUBARack be praised for rescuing the poor boy.
It does sound like something was contrived and executed. Spontaneous? Coincidence? What are the odd? What were the odds of hundreds or thousands of assault weapons being handed to Mexican criminals?
FUBARack keeps lying while veterans keep on dying.
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