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How about the Clintoons' Elian Doctrine?
But, of course, those men just hold women down forcefully, not back. 'Tis a fine technicality unless one knows how to define "is" properly.
But I bet you cheered when the Big Government thugs the Clintoons sent to drag Elian away to deport him back to Cuba did their coercive duties, didn't you?
Again, I ask, whatever happened to the Clintoon's "Elian Doctrine" for deporting foreign children? They even used heavily armed Big Government thugs to grab Elian from his adoptive parents (blood relatives of his mother). No need for the thugs, but what is up with the inconsistencies. Now, the compassion is to take care of the children? Obviously the lefties have a disconnect in logic and consistency.
I thought the Clintoons established the "Elian Doctrine" when it came to deporting children from this country. They even sent in heavily armed Big Government thugs to drag Elian away from his adoptive family (blood relatives of his mother). And Elian was a LEGAL immigrant. NOW they want compassion? PUHHHLEASE!
Where was bin Laden operating from and who were his enablers? Hint: They were in Afghanistan.
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Fix Incentives, Not Infrastructure

Cuban Peete Wrote: Jun 08, 2014 1:25 PM
Crying crocodile tears about "the infrastructure" while playing the fiddle and destroying the energy infrastructure (coal, oil, nuclear, etc.), the healthcare/medical infrastructure, the military infrastructure (overlap here with VA healthcare), Social Security infrastructure, the Constitution's infrastructure.
9/11/2001 - Remember? Or are you one of those who likes to go back to the Crusades? By the way, the Crusades were a reaction to Muslim aggression, not the other way.
Oh, I see, again the lack of reading comprehension. Love's point is that Jihad dad and Jihad son thought the Taliban was worthy of their affection. It had nothing to do with who tortures whom. Get it?
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